#InstaLove: Birthday cake croissants

#InstaLove: Birthday cake croissants

Rainbow sprinkles

Text: Rachel Au

Image: @cheatdayeats

It's the latest must-have pastry in NYC

If LBDs are a classic in fashion, then croissants are surely an everlasting favourite in pastries. But that doesn't mean we can't take that love to a whole new level. Meet the birthday cake croissant, which literally puts the fun from funfetti into its soft, flaky layers. 


Created by pastry chef Thiago Silva of NYC's Union Fare, the pastry dough is kneaded with sprinkles mixed into it, and then rolled around a mascarpone filling. 


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Thiago, however, is no stranger to hybrid desserts that easily capture the hearts (and stomachs) of those with a sweet tooth. He has been known for his s'mores pizza and cinnamon roll-stuffed donuts. 



If you're planning to grab a birthday cake croissant (or two), you'll have to be early as these delightful treats tend to sell out fast. But the trip wouldn't be a waste as Thiago has created an array of flavoured croissants, ranging from cookies 'n' cream to green tea with green tea mascarpone to PB&J. 


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