#InstaLove: This ‘Goblet of Fire’ cocktail from a Harry Potter themed cafe in Singapore

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By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: This ‘Goblet of Fire’ cocktail from a Harry Potter themed cafe in Singapore

Harry Potter is The Boy Who Lived and the fandom that keeps going. After last week’s unicorn macarons, this week’s #InstaLove features an even more magical item: a Goblet of Fire cocktail that will light up in flames. The drink is one of the most popular orders at Platform 1094, a Harry Potter themed cafe in Singapore that opened in December 2016. 


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The Goblet of Fire cocktail is essentially made with blue curaçao liqueur, lemonade and Bacardi rum. Once it’s set in front of guests, the drink will be set on fire with a blowtorch and they can watch the mesmerising swirls of flames as they sprinkle cinnamon powder into the blend. We think even Professor Snape would be impressed!


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Opened by FFL Fresh Fruits Lab, the cafe does serve a decent food fare besides its playful concoctions (other notable drinks include the non-alcoholic The Elixir of Life made from tonic water, Sprite and lime sorbet) though not all of them look as magical. 


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For another Instagram-worthy order, however, opt for the desserts such as Bloodberry (made with Hoegaarden rosé mousse, yoghurt parfait, berry foam, honey caviar and a macaron stick) and The Black Magic (a black sesame panna cotta with squid ink profiterole and mango cream). 


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So do you think the Goblet of Fire could possibly replace your love for Butterbeer?


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