#InstaLove: These unicorn macarons are the latest food trend

#InstaLove: These unicorn macarons are the latest food trend

And the sweetest one too

Text: Rachel Au

Unicorn macarons are the latest Instagram food trend that has everyone falling in love with this sweet dessert (and recreating their own versions)

The magical creature that is the unicorn continues to receive various food adaptations. From unicorn toast to unicorn hot chocolate to unicorn cake, and now to unicorn macarons. Mac Lab Bakery in Atlanta in particular has caught the attention of many with their magical version that looks too adorable to eat.

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Then, there's Arelio Sweetbox in Sydney whose unicorn macarons spot a cheeky wink.


Vickie Liu from Melbourne claims to be amateur baker but these macarons shaped in a unicorn in a cone (#unicone?) beg to differ, in our opinion. 

A photo posted by Vickie Liu  (@vickiee_yo) on


Christina's Cupcakes from Philly, on the other hand, knows how to add a sparkle to enhance these magical desserts.


Instabaker Mimi in London put a different twist to her version of unicorn macarons - with a horn on top. 


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