#FlashbackFriday: 10 Stories you loved most on Buro in 2017

Clicking down memory lane


By Rachel Au

#FlashbackFriday: 10 Stories you loved most on Buro in 2017

How time flies. It’s something we all say quite frequently but remain flabbergasted again and again. 2017 was a big year for many of us. We had the 2017 SEA Games, the Harvey Weinstein scandal (which inspired many to speak up and not feel alone), Meghan Markle‘s royal engagement, the rise of facial aesthetics, the fashion industry taking bolder steps towards sustainability and more. One of the biggest achievements for Buro 24/7, on the other hand, is acquiring a majority stake in System magazine. We could go on and on but instead let’s take a look at what you, our readers, loved most on Buro 24/7 Malaysia this year.


1. 42 street style snaps from Paris that are convincing us to wear more hats

paris hat street style snaps

We’ve got exactly 42 hat tricks for you to top off your Parisian style.


2. 6 Wedding photographers in Malaysia to consider for your big day

wedding photographers malaysia

There are way too many talented photographers in Malaysia. We found six—good luck choosing just one. 


3. 6 Local beauty brands every lipstick addict should check out

popular malaysian lipstick brands

Support local. 


4. Style crush: Kaia Gerber

kaie gerber

She’s only 16 but Kaia Gerber effortlessly clinched the title of a breakout star during the SS18 season and she’ll only continue to shine even brighter. 


5. #BuroAList: In conversation with entrepreneurs Roen Cian and Timothy Tiah

One of our new series, the #BuroAList features only some of the most inspirational male figures in our local scene. 


6. Moon phase timepieces for him and her

moon phase timepieces



7. #BuroBossGirl: Interview with Shoes Shoes Shoes founder and designer Ung Yiu Lin

Our #BuroBossGirl returned with a second season and a fresh roster of inspirational women sharing their journey, challenges, future plans and a round of rapid fire questions.


8. New-gen beauties: The fresh faces reshaping the world, as we know it

new gen beauty models

These stunning, fresher-than-fresh faces to watch are legit game-changers of their fields. Do you know them all? 


9. Hybrid cars in Malaysia: To buy or not to buy

hybrid cars malaysia

With dwindling fuel prices, that is the question, right? Well, we have the answers straight from the experts.


10. #BuroInLove: In Bed with Joey Ghazlan and Patricia Knudsen

Yet another series introduced this year, #BuroInLove saw couples getting a little cosy in bed (not what you think) for some pillow talk. For example, between Patricia K and Joey G, who do you think made the first move?


We’re looking forward to another great year with you come 2018. Happy New Year, guys! 

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