BURO Spotlights: BURO’s 2023 Chinese New Year Open House

'Hoppy' New Year!


By Natalie Khoo

Photos: All Is Amazing
BURO Spotlights: BURO’s 2023 Chinese New Year Open House

To usher in a happy, healthy, and prosperous Lunar New Year, Team BURO invited our treasured Friends of BURO—AKA some of Kuala Lumpur’s hottest trendsetters and content creators—as well as our esteemed clients and partners to the BURO Chinese New Year Open House at Jann KL yesterday evening (10th January 2023).

In conjunction with the oncoming Year of the Rabbit, local artist and sculptor Michelle Yap designed a series of BURO Rabbit sculptures in eight stunning colours by Nippon Paint. Accompanying the exclusive sculptures was an exhibition of artworks inspired by Jann KL cocktails titled “Lost in Chinatown”, representing historical figures, traditional trades, local culture, and legends that make the vibrant neighbourhood a heritage destination. For added fun, guests of the evening were invited to try their luck at our gachapon machine for the chance to win a limited edition BURO Rabbit in Atlantic Blue!

No Chinese New Year event is complete without a customary yee sang toss, and ours was certainly not one to miss out on this tradition. Together with our distinguished guests, we gathered around the long table to share well wishes of good luck, fortune, and abundance for the year ahead. Meanwhile, Jann KL served up a trio of specially crafted cocktails made with Jack Daniel’s whiskey, paired with a delicious assortment of canapes to complete the celebrations.

Scroll on the galleries below to see the highlights from our intimate gathering—and find out which lucky guest brought home the exclusive BURO Rabbit!






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