5 Unique bridal shower ideas for an unforgettable celebration

Bring on the pre-wedding tears


By Aina Nur Sarah

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5 Unique bridal shower ideas for an unforgettable celebration

So, the wedding bells are ringing and things are slowly getting ticked off the wedding to-do list before the “I do’s”—that’s the grand finale, of course! But there’s more to a wedding that makes it a celebration to remember. 

Being part of the bridal party is chaos that’s truly one-of-a-kind—from helping the bride find the perfect dress to making sure every little detail is perfect. However, there’s nothing more exciting than the bridal shower. 

It’s when the bridal party (and sometimes female family members) come together to celebrate the bride-to-be. It’s also a chance for the bride to spend quality time with some of the most important people in her life. A bridal shower is generally held either a few months or a few weeks before the wedding, and traditionally, it consists of:

  • games
  • a heart-to-heart session where the bride will be given advice on navigating married life
  • food and drinks
  • the bride opening her gifts surrounded by her guests

But hey, there isn’t an official guideline for this so you don’t necessarily have to follow it. Here’s a few ways you can celebrate the bride and shower her with love: 


1. Go to a pottery class together 

One of the most common gifts for newlyweds are trinkets and plates for their new marital home. So how can you turn that into something more unique and sentimental? By making it yourselves!

Organise a pottery class for the bridal party and the theme for the day can be ‘make something that the bride will cherish’. Whether it’s a plate with a caricature of her beloved pet, or a mug embossed with a phrase that’s unique to her, these handmade trinkets will definitely be something she’d keep close to heart. 


2. Organise a picnic at the park

Imagine this: a large red-chequered picnic mat spread across the grass, with a delectable food spread (a cheese board, cakes, fresh fruits, you name it!), and everyone dressed in their favourite sundresses. Wouldn’t that be the loveliest day? 

A picnic is a good opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be while unwinding around nature. Planning a wedding is stressful and usually happens indoors, so use this opportunity to take things outside for a breather the whole bridal party deserves. 

P.s. we know the Malaysian weather can be rather frustrating, but if this is something the bride wants, you need to make it happen! 


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3. Book a spa day to completely unwind


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Destination: total relaxation. 

Planning a wedding is stressful, so if all the bridal party wants to do is unwind, booking a spa day is the way to go. Pamper the bride with a day full of relaxation—start off with a body scrub, then a full body massage to get rid of those knots, and finally, top it off with a mani-pedi session. If you’re down, the whole bridal party can take matching to a whole new level—all the way down to your nails.


4. Get cosy at a sleepover


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Let’s be real, once the “I do’s” are said and done, girls’ night might be a little different. So before the day comes, plan a sleepover with the bridal party. Laugh, dance, cook together—there’s so many different things you can do. 

Get comfy at someone’s home, an Airbnb, or even a hotel, and spend the night reminiscing about life. This is a chance to strengthen bonds because although you all know things might change moving forward, it’s nice to have an intimate session like this to reassure each other that you’ll always be there. 


5. Go classic and go for games 

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You can never go wrong with a few games. Book an hour or two with the bride-to-be, and fill it with games that revolve around her. Be it a round of ‘Who knows her best’ bingo, vow mad libs, or even a wedding edition of charades, these classics are bound to keep the laughter going the whole time. 

If you want to put a fun twist on it, make each member of the bridal party present a deck on a topic that focuses on the bride-to-be. Now that’s one way to show her you love her!


There you have it, five bridal shower ideas to organise an unforgettable celebration for the most cherished bride-to-be. Whatever way you choose to celebrate this, we’re sure it’ll be a party filled with love. Now don’t forget to bring some tissues, as there’s bound to be tears! 


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