How to practise a more fuel-efficient driving lifestyle

The right way to fuel your love for driving


By Rachel Au

How to practise a more fuel-efficient driving lifestyle

The best solution is to get a hybrid car (don’t believe us? Hear it from insiders here) but otherwise, there are a few other simple tips you can practise for a more fuel-efficient driving lifestyle—and ones that even your car will thank you for. 


1. Turn on Cruise Control when on the highway

The obvious answer is, of course, to not speed but there’s more to it. Maintaining a steady speed helps to save fuel rather than consistently revving the accelerator, brake, and accelerate again. In general, there’s a significant increase in fuel consumption when you’re driving over 90 km/h. To put things into perspective, your car will use 25 percent more fuel at 110 km/h as opposed to cruising at 90 km/h. 

fuel efficient tips

2. Try not to brake when going over speed bumps

Malaysia is a heaven of speed bumps and usually, you’ll be able to spot the signs for them well ahead of time. Instead of hitting the brakes, accelerating and then braking again, control the car to move at a constant speed of 20 to 30 km/h when approaching bumps. 


3. Take care of your tyres

Check them regularly and keep them inflated to the highest/correct pressure as recommended in the manual. Lower tyre pressure results in an increase of rolling resistance and thus would require more fuel to overcome it. Keeping your tyres in check will also prevent them from wearing out prematurely and risk overheating, causing them to possibly blow out. 

fuel efficient tips

4. Avoid pumping petrol when it’s super hot

The best time to refuel your car is in the morning or at night to get the exact litre of petrol you’re paying for. Like most matters, the fuel’s molecules at the gas stations would expand in a heated environment and contract when it’s under cool temperatures.


5. Don’t keep unnecessary items in your car

Especially in the boot. As much as you’re practising a greener lifestyle, you do not need 10 food containers; and neither does your car need to double as your shoe closet. Extra load will affect your fuel consumption—as much as an increase of 2 percent for every 50kg on average. 

fuel efficient tips

6. Leave the radio on

Or not. The fact is, it does not affect your fuel consumption. 


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