BMW i3s to launch in Malaysia in July 2019: Why it’s unlike other cars


By Ronn Tan

BMW i3s to launch in Malaysia in July 2019: Why it’s unlike other cars

Sustainability is paramount to ensure that the needs of the future generations can be met. Social, economic, and natural resources are essential for survival. Aside from social equity and economic development, there is also a necessity for environmentalism. Whether large or small, sustainable practices will result in long term positive impacts. In 2019, the good news is that there has been an increase in the number of companies taking their corporate social responsibilities (CSR) seriously. Among those companies is the BMW Group.

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The first-ever BMW i3s, which is 95 per cent recyclable, is the latest addition to the German car manufacturer’s sustainable mobility practice. In order to ensure that there is tangible change to the planet’s needs as well as to meet the increase in sustainability-centric Malaysians, the BMW Group Malaysia will be bringing in the BMW i3s beginning July. This is the company’s response to the country’s residents who are now more environmentally-conscious than ever. What makes the latest expansion to BMW’s i brand special? That’s easy. The i3s is made with resources that are natural and renewable, as well as, materials which are upcycled. Apart from the non-renewable copper and aluminium used, there is consistent quota of 95 per cent recyclability. Innovative. Groundbreaking. Revolutionary.

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Vroom. Vroom. We already know that the BMW i3s is the latest addition to sustainable mobility by BMW in Malaysia, but there are more interesting tidbits. Firstly, it’s no secret that inner beauty is as important as outer beauty; and that’s clearly illustrated here with the i3s’s interior surfaces. Responsibly grown and sourced open-pored eucalyptus wood make up the instrument panel at the front. If that isn’t mind-blowing yet, the surface is also moisture-resistant. Hence, compared with conventional wood, 90 per cent less surface processing is required.

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What’s even more remarkable is the usage of Kenaf plant for the i3s’s door lining and instrument panel cover. Not only does the strong fibres of the plant replace the usual petroleum-based plastics, but they also assist in reducing the weight of the vehicle, without compromising safety and structure. Now, that’s something!


Another noteworthy fun fact is that naturally-tanned leather is fused with olive leaf extract to form the vehicle’s car seats. The end result: finishing is supple and the scent is fresh. Moreover, driving comfort is improved by multiple folds as both moisture and temperature are regulated. It is also important to note that in order to prevent large-scale waste of natural ingredients, the olive leaves are sourced responsibly from the by-products of olive harvests.


There are countless recycling technologies currently employed by the company and the BMW Recycling and Dismantling Centre (RDC) in Munich is always researching newer methods to do so. The automotive industry has the BMW Group to look up to as a vivid example of a large company that does their corporate social responsibility right. Whether it is recyling 7,500 cars a year, or melting down PET pellets to produce durable fabrics, sustainability is a core principle and the Earth—as well as its inhabitants—will benefit.

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Envision a world in which the Earth is healthier and the food, clothes, as well as cars you support are all sustainability-centric. That is the world the society should strive for. But for now, for the ever-growing number of environmentally-concious Malaysians who are interested in the BMW i3s, the vehicle will be available beginning July at an estimated starting price of RM279,000.

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For more information on the first-ever BMW i3s, visit the BMW Group Malaysia’s website.



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