The all-new BMW 430i Coupé M Sport is now available for online pre-bookings in Malaysia


By Sanjeeva Suresh

The all-new BMW 430i Coupé M Sport is now available for online pre-bookings in Malaysia

Let’s face it. Who knows when we’ll next be able to fly to our dream holiday destinations. Not 2020, and the situation for 2021 is looking pretty grey too. On the bright side, Malaysia is home to 13 states, each a treasure trove of local delights (and we mean both food and sights). While yes, interstate travel is currently not allowed, but once the ban is lifted, it’ll be great to know you’re well-prepared. Like with the all-new BMW 430i Coupé M Sport, a premium motor car that makes a perfect urban companion.

Before we dive a little deeper into what makes the BMW 430i Coupé M Sport great for urban city driving, know that it is considered to be one of the most controversial BMW models to date because of one thing—its snout (or rather the big-mouthed front grille). The internet is filled with memes as a result of the car’s distinctively designed nose. So what’s new about the BMW 430i Coupé M Sport? It is the combination of bold individuality with a purist design language. The “purist design” refers to the styling cues inspired by historic role models (the 3 Series and its predecessors) but modernised with a contemporary flair.

What we have come to know about the 4 Series Coupé is that your comfort will not be jeopardised by the car’s sportier elements. Plus, the engineering upgrades are guaranteed to ensure a smooth ride for post-MCO journeys. It’s powered by a 400Nm engine which produces a punchy sprint of 0-100 km/h in just 5.8 seconds and with Sport mode turned on, you’ll get short bursts of speed and more pronounced engine sounds in the cabin.

What is also impressive is the sheer space within the coupé—it has a 440-litre boot space which will be great for your next staycation. Feel free to bring a friend and pack up that extra suitcase with an overnight bag. There’ll still be room left after.

Other key features include the sleek Cloth/Sensatec upholstery combination (it’s animal-free leather), a shiny set of 19-inch M light alloy wheels and the BMW Individual high-gloss Shadow Line exhaust tips and trim. The LED headlamps and LED fog lights will prove beneficial, especially during Malaysia’s monsoon seasons.

To elevate the experience, consider adding the Innovation Package kit which consists of BMW’s Connected Package Professional, High Beam Assistant, Harman Kardon Surround Sound System and more. Carpool karaoke, anyone? Without saying much, it’s evident that the all-new BMW 430i Coupé M Sport ticks all the right checkboxes while looking good too.

The new BMW 430i Coupé M Sport is priced at RM418,000 and RM454,800 (with the inclusion of the Innovation Package). It is available for pre-booking (at RM1,000) on the BMW Shop Online platform until 18 March 2021. Alternatively, you can even register your interest first. 

For more information, visit this website.

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