Your perfect workout tights is in the Nike Pants Studio collection

Your perfect workout tights is in the Nike Pants Studio collection

It's like a denim bar but for your workouts

Text: Rachel Au

Nike has launched nine new workout tights and pants that were designed to enhance your specific workout of choice

What a runner needs may differ from what a yogi looks for in a pair of workout tights or pants. When you're running, your body is upright, moving forward and fast. When you're moving between yoga positions, the pace is slower and the focus is that feeling of lengthening your spine and holding your core. With these in mind, Nike created the new Nike Pants Studio. 

The idea is to give athletes more choice and enhance their workouts with each apparel designed for each specific activity. "We are designing for every athlete—no matter what activity they're doing," says Jamie Lee, Senior Design Director for Nike Women's Training. "On top of expanding the styles, we're giving choices for materials, finishes, feel, rises, lengths and features."

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"We got insight from elite and everyday athletes and did a ton of wear tests and focus groups with women from all over the world, asking them things like, 'What do you look for in a pant or tight? What is your favourite style? What do you love about the ones you're currently wearing? What do you wish your pant or tight had?' and so on," says Lee.

The result is a range of workout pants and tights designed to have unique technical features that have the potential to improve each silhouette's particular workout experience. But performance aside, the style of your workout clothes does make a difference in motivating you to hit the gym (or not) and the new Nike Pants Studio collection gets a huge tick from us. 

Scroll through the gallery below to find which style could be the one for you.

The Nike Pants Studio collection is now available at Nike Pavilion, Nike KLCC and Nike Mid Valley. 

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