BURO Spotlights: Schwarzkopf Professional’s Igora Zero Amm line launches with a banging hair show

Ammonia-free is the way to be!


By Redzhanna Jazmin

BURO Spotlights: Schwarzkopf Professional’s Igora Zero Amm line launches with a banging hair show

Below, Global Colour Ambassador Lesley Jennison tells us all about Schwarzkopf Professional’s Igora Zero Amm hair show extravaganza.

Schwarzkopf Professional launched its newest line of hair colours with a huge event yesterday, and it was an affair to remember. Bringing together a crowd that spanned across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and India, the brand launched its new offerings at a spectacular hair show at Zepp Kuala Lumpur. Curated by regional hair artists and its own Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison, the runway showcased the all-new Igora Zero Amm line in all its crowning glory. In attendance were the brand’s salon partners and regional KOLs, including Yaya Zahir, Leeloo Larcombe, Bibian Leong, Juno Ko and Lucas Lau.

The hair show was split into three segments: Fusion Coiffure, bridging the East and West; Effortless Beauty, championing laid-back hair vibes; and Forward Realities, exploring the future of hair. We caught up with Jennison backstage before the hair show to glean the details of the new launch. Read our full interview with the UK-based stylist ahead:



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What inspired the launch of the new Schwarzkopf Professional Zero Amm line?

“We already had a green product, but our lab technicians in our brand-new Hamburg lab are so passionate about innovating—they’re always looking for the next best thing, the best ingredients, and the best technology that we can use to be sustainable. That’s our main, main thing is to be sustainable.

“So, we have 40 colours and it goes from very soft, comforting honeys, brick and clay reds, but you also have stronger tones. If you look at the whole palette, you can see that there is nothing artificial-looking, and I think that’s a very important thing. Everything has a kind of muted hue and any of the colours in the portfolio would work together.

“The way that it works is through phytolipid technology that uses micronised oils. These grapeseed and apricot kernel oils are smashed to smithereens, and mixed so that they can carry and push the colour pigments into the cortex of the hair. Then the Omega-9 kind of seals the colour in and closes the cuticle, maintaining the balance of moisture within the hair to keep up the longevity of the tone.”


What is the difference between having ammonia in a formula versus zero ammonia?

If you’re going to go for permanent, you’ve got all the stuff that will make sure you get full saturation of the pigment. Now, when you think about Zero Ammonia, the finish you get is more muted. It’s more of a natural sheen because the natural highs and lows shine through.

“The thing about our Zero Am is that the underlying pigment is a more natural tone. It’s not yellowy, it’s not greeny, and you don’t get that very matte, flat colour. Instead, you get that natural sheen, and I think that’s what people are going for a global hair colour trend.”



Can you walk us through the inspiration for the Igora Zero Amm hair show?

“The show is split into three parts, so we have some avant-garde work, showcasing really big shapes and stronger colours. Then, we wanted to celebrate all the hairdressers from all over the region, so they’re doing a very beautiful commercial section.

“My section is inspired totally by Essential Looks, which is our twice yearly trend magazine. I have three trends. One is very street, one is very physical, and the last trend is all about being minimal, chic and elegant. We have something that’s very, very strong and slightly more editorial, and then we have a very salon-friendly version of it.

“I think more than ever before, we want to excite and inspire our clients. And that does not have to mean going bright pink—it’s about keeping them in their comfort zone and showing them a different way of doing something.”


What is your personal hair philosophy?

“My main philosophy is all about sustainability, especially now in particular. I think everybody should be. Some regions are better about it than others. As a brand, every single product within our range is being looked at for it to be made sustainable—every bit of packaging.

“I’m also very much about the integrity of hair. If I’m in a working environment, that’s possibly the strongest philosophy I have. The integrity, the condition, the suitability—all those things matter when it comes to hair.”


This interview has been edited for clarity and length. For more hair reads, click here.

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