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M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s mooncake collection is the perfect gift for Mid-Autumn Festival

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By Aina Nur Sarah

M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s mooncake collection is the perfect gift for Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s almost that time of year again. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration where its significance gets stronger as years go by—when we were younger, the excitement came from playing with lanterns with our cousins, and as we age, the joy comes from gatherings and the gifts we bestow to each other. 

Usually celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month, the festival signifies when the full moon is believed to be at its brightest. It’s when families come together to celebrate harmony and unity—where mooncakes take centre stage as families will make and eat them together. 

If you’re looking for beautifully packaged mooncakes with a Malaysian twist, M Resort & Hotel Kuala Lumpur has unveiled its Lunar Luminary collection. The collection celebrates Chinese culture and tradition, with delicious mooncakes and thoughtfully designed packaging that reflects the cultural significance and beauty of the Mid-Autumn Festival. The four-tiered tiffin is filled with designs that signify Malaysian traditions and icons—the hibiscus, rafflesia, wau, and gasing are some of the many icons adorning it.

The Lunar Luminary collection offers an exquisite combination of delectable classic mooncake flavours and unique flavours, encased in a customised four-tier tiffin. Every set comes with four mooncakes of your choice. 

Each flavour is thoughtfully curated, made from authentic recipes and premium ingredients. The classic flavours in the collection include Lotus Paste, Mixed Nuts, Pandan or the Red Bean Paste. If you prefer a modern twist to these classic treats, you can opt for their premium flavours like Earl Grey, Osmanthus Oolong, Chocolate Mint and Lychee Raspberry Rose. 


Classic baked mooncakes:

  • Lotus Paste
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Pandan 
  • Red Bean Paste

Premium mooncakes:

  • Earl Grey
  • Osmanthus Oolong
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Lychee Raspberry Rose

Price: RM128 nett | Each set comes in a customised four-tier tiffin

From 15 August – 1 October 2023, these offers will be available:

  • Below two sets – 5 per cent off in a single receipt
  • Above two sets – 10 per cent off in a single receipt

To purchase or for more information, email [email protected] or call +603 7773 7690.


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