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Hennessy X.O Odyssey collaborates with Chef Darren Chin for a feast to remember

Seven courses in heaven


By Rachel Au

Hennessy X.O Odyssey collaborates with Chef Darren Chin for a feast to remember

Hennessy X.O Odyssey had a successful run last year so it’s no surprise that the brand has brought the one-of-a-kind dining experience back for another round to stimulate and delight the palates of everyone. For 2017, the spotlight is on Chef Darren Chin of DC Restaurant who has been tasked to curate a menu that depicts the essence of the cognac. 

hennessy xo odyssey 2017 dc restaurant kl

Its phenomenal seven tasting notes results in a seven-course tasting menu that proves the versatility of Hennessy X.O (HXO) as an unrivalled pairing for gastronomy. So is, however, Chef Darren’s style of cooking. Or as some call it, ‘la Jeune Cuisine’ (young cuisine). The dishes made are honest, pure and unpretentious, which helps to accentuate the cognac’s notes harmoniously. 

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First came the Sweet Notes. Botan Ebi was paired with HXO on the rocks and it smoothly drew out the sweetness of the drink. Then came the Infinite Echo—Takao cold somen with ogawa bafun uni on top paired with HXO with a splash of waterand Wood CrunchesGalician octopus and HXO with warm water. By then, it was evident that with just a slight change, the HXO can create a different flavour on the palate fused with the dish. The somen and uni dish was definitely one of the night’s top favourites. 


‘One of’ because then came the fourth course: Spicy Edge. This was served in two parts. Part 1: A snow crab broth infused with herbs. Sweet, rich in flavour and almost akin to comfort food, I secretly wished I could ask for a refill but the desire was subdued when Part 2 and its seductive smell of black summer truffle arrived. On the plate was the Japanese snow crab with flesh so sweet and a taste so elegantly light with the accompanying white asparagus, culantro “Nam Jim” and truffle. To go with it: The bittersweet taste of HXO with a splash of water.

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The next two mains were Flowing Flame—organic chicken and bertutu spice with HXO coupled with a splash of cold water and ice—and Rising Heat—Italian veal fillet with HXO neat. Both dishes continued to impress with a myriad of flavours from the spices and complementing ingredients. Veal and HXO neat might very well be my new Wagyu beef and red wine combo. 

hennessy xo odyssey 2017 dc restaurant kl

Ending on a sweet note was dessert: Chocolate Lull. Chef Darren Chin’s idea of that is a 100% Arabica coffee ice cream, spiced hairy banana (I was intrigued by this little detail on the menu as well but was told it’s essentially wild banana), M’Hencha and lemon chantilly. With a final sip of more HXO neat and my Friday night felt satisfyingly complete. 


Here is the menu for Hennessy X.O Odyssey 2017 with Chef Darren Chin:

hennessy xo odyssey 2017 kl menu dc restaurant

This exclusive menu will be available at RM888++ per person with pairings of Hennessy X.O from 18 July to 15 August, every Tuesday to Sunday at DC Restaurant. To make a reservation, call 03 7731 0502 or 012 223 2991.


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