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8 Essential baking tools every beginner should have in the kitchen


By Liyana Zamzuri

8 Essential baking tools every beginner should have in the kitchen

With the CMCO in order, it seems like home baking will be on the rise once again during this extended social distancing period. There are people baking for the first time, those baking with their families during this Ramadan and those continuing their baking journey to the point of success.

Then again, you are not a baking connoisseur and these “baking tools” can cause more confusion than necessary i.e. “Should I get the plastic measuring cup or the stainless steel ones? Do I really need a digital scale?” The headache continues.

While you probably already have the bare necessities like eggs and flour, there are a few other tools that will make your baking endeavour easy breezy. Note that it is totally okay if you do not own a Kitchen Aid mixer or Le Creuset bakeware—you can still whip something magical with these essential tools!

We have rounded up a few must-haves to make sure you are geared for baking season.

1. Silicone spatula

Not only that it is lighter, but this tool is also versatile enough for your baking needs, from scraping every last bit of batter to sautéing your dishes. Besides that, you do not have to worry about your spatula melting away as silicone is heat-resistant. Hence, stirring up a hot cream sauce or cooking eggs would not be a problem.

2. Rolling pin

Your life of pie would not be possible without a rolling pin, which is very necessary to form and flatten doughs. Without this tool, you will have difficulty stretching the dough smoothly even with a level surface.

Tip: Clean it with just a damp cloth—it should last you a lifetime.

3.Balloon whisk

Let’s rewind to Dalgona coffee—if you do not own any hand mixer, this tool is integral to perfect the cloud fluffy texture.

Although there are many choices of whisk out there, there is no need to invest in a fancy French whisk. After all, it is the technique that matters the most. A regular balloon whisk will work just fine.

Tip: When choosing your balloon whisk, make sure you choose one with a thin wire as it can whip in more air in your batter.

4. Measuring cups & spoons

Measuring cups and spoons are also important for preparing ingredients. You need accurate measurements to bring your recipes to life, especially when it comes to baking as precision is key. A sturdy set of measuring utensils can go a long way.

Tip: Scoop your ingredients with a spoon to fill it in your measuring cups and spoons. Level the top with the back of a knife and remember not to shake it out to level them as this will affect the measurement.

5. Baking sheet

If you are planning to make your Raya cookies from scratch, you will need baking sheets. This way your dough would not stick to the pan and your cakes can be removed easily after it’s baked. It also doubles as a cooling platform in between your baking sessions, plus it saves you from a tedious cleanup that may involve a lot of scraping and soaking.

6. Baking pans

Dreaming of homemade banana bread? It is time to stock-up on some loaf pans. A square pan is suitable for goodies like brownies, bars, gingerbread, and square-shaped cakes. Invest in two to three 8- or 9-inch cake pans as some recipes may give you enough batter for more than one cake.

Tip: Non-stick metal pans are a lifesaver. The darker the non-stick surface, the faster your confections cook.

7. Bench scraper

A bench scraper is used to cut and divide doughs into portions. You can also keep your cutting board clean by scraping excess flour and dough away thanks to its flat blade. If you do not have an offset spatula, you can use this to smooth out frosting instead.

8. Cooling rack

The last must-have tool in our list is a cooling rack—let your freshly-baked goods cool on this right after popping ’em out of the oven. These racks have cavities that allow for baked goods to cool faster. That way, the decoration bit can be done faster and you can dig into it pronto.

And there you have it—eight essential tools for budding bakers out there. Happy baking!

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