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The Christmas menu at Define:Food is both joyful and flavourful

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By Rachel Au

The Christmas menu at Define:Food is both joyful and flavourful

It’s one of our favourite times of the year. A time to give, a time to forgive and a time to spend with the people who matter most. And what better way to spend quality time with your loved ones than over a festive meal. Define:Food is probably a big believer of this too since their Christmas menu comprises mostly of food designed to share and pass around the table. 

Since there are no sets here, you can have the ease of picking exactly what you and your guests like. For starters, pick a salad or two from the new menu which they refreshed in conjunction with their one year anniversary just a few months ago. We highly recommend the Caesar Salad topped with smoked duck (or smoked salmon if that tickles your fancy more). The dressing—we’re told all the sauces are housemade—is light on the palate, making it addictive for second (and third) helpings. So is the Crumbled Feta Tomato Salad. 

define food christmas menu 2017 roasted chicken

On to the main event. There’s no roasted turkey here but there is a succulent, juicy Slow-Roasted Whole Chicken (RM80) that’s flavourful on its own or to go with its accompanying Mushroom Sauce, which alone is just as amazing. Do note, however, that the platter with pumpkin wedges and roasted vegetables is meant for three to four people. As is their other special sharing platter—the 500g Oven-Baked Salmon Fillet with Hasselback Potatoes, Root Vegetables and Dill Caper Butter Sauce (RM130). What we love about the dish is the crispy fish skin and how easily the flesh tears away, piece by piece. 

define food christmas menu 2017 fish

That, however, can’t be all that you have on the table on such a seasonal celebration. The Christmas-exclusive single items would make great side dishes. Fans of lamb would enjoy the Pulled Lamb Penne with Green Peas and Parmesan (RM38) although personally, it might go well with the ol’ spaghetti or linguine too for the pulled meat to run through with the pasta in one mouthful. Then, there’s the lightly Grilled Tiger Prawns with Warm Celiariac Octopus Slaw and Garlic Butter Sauce (RM58). The marinade on the grilled prawns are delicate on the palate but dip it in the garlic butter sauce, and it’s just the right balance of flavours. 

define food christmas menu 2017-pasta

Often praised for their desserts, Define:Food continues to impress with their rendition this year of a Christmas dessert—Spiced Poached Pear with Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream (RM22). Like most things on the menu, the ice cream is also housemade. They have their own ice cream machine in the back. Poached pears, however, are a fragile matter. It has to have that taste of a rich, ripe fruit. To achieve that soft, pleasant (but not mushy) texture with a strong fragrance of spices with a tinge of citrus, their pastry chef revealed she slow-cooked the fruit for four hours with spices and oranges. And just like that, we ended the meal, feeling like it’s Christmas already. 

define food christmas menu 2017-dessert

The Christmas Menu at Define:Food is available from 9 December 2017 until the first week of January. Define:Food is located at Mid Valley Megamall. For more info, visit their Facebook or call 03 2201 1316 .

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