#GetFit: Exercises you can do at your desk in the office

Don’t just sit there


By Rachel Au

#GetFit: Exercises you can do at your desk in the office

Wanting to workout is easy (or hard, for some) but finding the time to do it is tricky, especially when we’re bound to our desks at work and sitting through a traffic jam for most part of our days. And all that sitting can actually increase our risk for obesity along with backaches, poor posture, leg cramps and tense muscles. While it may seem like you don’t have a choice, these exercises that you can do at your desk prove otherwise.


1. The full-body toning exercise

These head-to-toe stretching exercises will be able to help engage your core, align your spine, increase oxygen to your body, and maximize blood circulation.


2. Work out those abs

Keep working for those abs even while sitting down with this simple trick. 


3. Just for the thighs

Working towards more toned thighs? These are quick, simple and discreet exercises you can do under your desk.


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