9 Street-certified ways to pull off a blazer

9 Street-certified ways to pull off a blazer

Lessons from the boss

Text: Wei Yeen Loh

Image: Getty Images

We make a case for one of the most versatile pieces in your closet that can elevate any outfit you put on: the blazer

A wardrobe staple that most woman should already have is the blazer—perfect for exuding the #bossgirl aesthetic along with transitioning from the boardroom to the bar in style. A blazer offers countless possibilities of how you can make a look work for all occasions and seasons. Wear it over a tee paired with denim jeans for that effortless, fashion-girl swagger seen on the streets during fashion week, or go with a retro aesthetic with corduroy and velvet suits coupled with high-waisted trousers and bold shoulders. But don't forget to dress in style for your brunch excursions every weekend—a blazer cardigan is only mandatory for champagne Sundays if you don't feel like putting on your best sundress. Below, we take a leaf out of the fashion books of nine stylish women, from Miroslava Duma to Jan-Michael Quammie:


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