The seductive power of red



By Buro247

The seductive power of red

Red is the colour of passion, dominance and power. In a new branch of science called colour psychology, researchers found that wearing the bold shade can improve an athlete’s performace by triggering heart rate and boosting testostorone and can cause opponents to feel intimidated. Studies also show that players with red poker chips tend to bet more aggressively (perfect for a bout of mahjong when the feasting is done). A woman in a red dress, red roses or the vivid red on the soles of a pair of Louboutins are commonplace signifiers of sex, lust and danger. The Chinese believe that red is the colour of luck and its brilliance will deflect negative energies. Red can help to boost your confidence which is why a red tie is known as a ‘power tie’. Here’s how you can add a dose of confidence to your wardrobe (that isn’t a ketchup stain on a white shirt):
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