The comeback of mom jeans: Why It-girls are loving it

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By Wei Yeen Loh

The comeback of mom jeans: Why It-girls are loving it

From fanny-packs to small-frame shades, it seems like the It-accessories of the ’80s and ’90s are seeing a comeback like never before. But one other trend that’s taking up the street style scene by storm is the resurgence of the mom jean.


High-waisted, bum-flattering yet relaxed on the leg, this jean silhouette was made popular by cool kids of the 1980s—spotted in Beverly Hills, 90210. But later on in 2003, it was Saturday Night Live that officially gave it the ‘mom’ stamp, effectively facilitating its fall off the trendwagon (also factored by the rise of the low-slung skinny jean.) In 2009, Jessica Simpson tried bringing it back again but got flak instead, no thanks to the unflattering look it gave her.

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But like the weather, trends tend to work in a cyclical nature. With the sudden love that many ’80s trends are getting, it’s no surprise that this once-deemed-uncool jean is now in the spotlight. Insta-stars and It-girls Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are fans of this jean, adding their street-chic spin to it by way of white shirts, scarf tops (’90s references, anyone?) and cool kicks. To prevent an unsightly wedgie-like pooch in the front, a good tip is to make sure its fit isn’t excessively snug. Pair it with a deconstructed shirt or an oversized sweater, or a sleek bodysuit or graphic tee for a pared back look. Ahead, shop these new-age mom jeans that are Buro-approved:

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1. Classic Rockabilly jeans by Balenciaga

2. Fitted straight-leg jeans by CK Jeans

3. Cordova relaxed-leg jeans by Ellery

4. Le Crop Bell frayed mid-rise flared jeans by Frame

5. Flower-embroidered straight-leg jeans by Gucci

6. Palazzo jeans by Marni

7. Reworked straight-leg crop jeans by Vetements


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