Minimalist clothing brands you need in your wardrobe

Simplicity has never looked better


By Pravin Nair

Minimalist clothing brands you need in your wardrobe

Between its grandiose designs and patterns, fashion has always been segmented into two very clear and distinct categories—minimalism and maximalism. Regarded online as the “clean girl” aesthetic that everyone is aspiring to achieve, the intent of minimalist dressing lies in the principle of a singular theme—looking good but not too loud. The choice of steering away from audacious, logo-embossed pieces comes from the aim of wanting to stay quiet while casting an allure of glamour all over.

Though we love maximalist looks ourselves, a quiet look is easy to manage and is one that can always be worn again and again. Sustainability also comes into play here as staple pieces have a longer shelf life when compared to their contemporaries who sway in and out of fashion periodically.

So, if you’re looking for the necessary minimalist staples but don’t know where to start, we’ve got your back. Scroll down below to see our go-to minimalist brands for daily wear and consider adding them to your own wardrobe too.



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A line extension under the H&M group, the brand was first founded in the Reagent Street area of London in the year 2007. The brand’s name derives from the words ‘Collection of Style’, with a straight-arrow purpose of constructing clothes that are practical in functionality. Steering away from the trends that arise within the industry, Cos’ clothing lies in a realm of luxury—done through its tailoring, use of quality materials sourced through sustainable means and its ability to persevere through time, regardless of the trends of the moment.

As of 2021, Cos has once again repositioned itself as a luxury label by showcasing its Autumn collection at London Fashion Week. Considerably affordable compared to its minimalist counterparts, Cos is the accessible entry-level luxury brand for when you need a quick fix for all things clean and structured.

Shop the Cos summer collection here or their basics here.

Jil Sander


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Synonymous within the inner circles of quiet luxury fashion is Jil Sander, founded by the designer of the same name. Having been taken over by the likes of Raf Simons and Sander herself over the years, the label and designer have seen a meteoric rise in the fashion industry. Recently collaborating with Uniqlo under the label “J+”, Sander released a selection of clothes that led minimalist enthusiasts to storm the stores globally, selling out the collection in a matter of minutes.

Though the label currently is being managed by designers Luke and Lucie Meier, the aesthetic of the collection reflects Sander’s intent—clean, structured, and architecturally varied in design, all while remaining subtle and quiet. If you’re looking for pieces that are best fitting to your day-to-day use, we recommend the flared dress from the Spring/Summer 2022 collection for all of your daytime outings this season.

Shop the latest Jil Sander collection here

The Row


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The Row is the answer to a minimalist’s wet dream. Founded by TV and film legends Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, it is one brand that you should already have in your closet or on your vision board. Offering premium fabrics such as luxe pieces of cashmere, silks and wools, The Row’s tailoring is what has allowed for the brand to skyrocket into frenzied stardom. Worn by style gurus and celebrities like Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Jonah Hill, it has become a go-to label with a cult following between stars and normal folk alike. Having recently extended its offering to include menswear and children’s clothes, The Row is now accessible to a diverse range of people of all ages.

Pre-order The Row’s new arrivals here.



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