New trend alert: Here’s a breakdown of Blokettecore

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By Low Sue Mae

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New trend alert: Here’s a breakdown of Blokettecore

The unlikely combination of style elements from football and ballet has quickly captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and is now seen all over TikTok. Dubbed Blokettecore, the trend is an intriguing mix of the Coquette aesthetic and Blokecore, blending both masculinity and femininity together in a single look. 

Even if you’ve never heard of the term, it’s highly likely you’ve seen it while scrolling through social media. What are the elements that complete this aesthetic? Think about raiding through your boyfriend, brother or father’s closet for oversized, sporty picks, and pairing them with your own feminine pieces such as tulle and ribbons.

Continue reading as we give you a guide on how to build the perfect Blokettecore outfit.


From the football section…


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Track jackets

One thing we’ve noticed about the trend is that the top is always sporty, hence the first piece that you need is a track jacket. Get a tight-fitted option (preferably a hip-length jacket). Pair it with a midi skirt, mini skirt or mini tennis skirt, and you’re set for the next step.


If the weather’s too hot, pick a jersey instead. Have a favourite team you support? Wear it loud and proud! Funky with their bold logos, patterns and colours, yet relaxed and effortless in their silhouettes, a football jersey takes street fashion to another level.

Football boots

To complete the trend, pick a pair of sleek football sneakers like this year’s trending Adidas Samba. However, if you don’t have them in your closet, any sports shoes with a similar boot silhouette will do.

Adding elements from Balletcore…


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Ballet flats

Now, we know what you’re thinking—ballet flats with sportswear? Really? Don’t write it off just yet. This professional dance shoe has long entered the fashion scene and is seriously a versatile contender in the shoe department. If you don’t have a pair of ballet flats in your closet, you should seriously consider getting one, as they go with just about anything.

Leg warmers

Ballet flats and leg warmers—a classic combination that could never go wrong. However, if you’ve just started exploring Blokettecore and want to play it safe, you should stick to ankle or knee-length socks instead.


A vital accessory to tie the whole look together with cuteness and elegance, ribbons are an offbeat addition that surprisingly blends well with sportswear. Get creative and play around with them—you can either use ribbons to tie your braids, wear as a choker or even use as shoelaces. 

Mix all of the elements above together, and voila, you’ve mastered Blokettecore!


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