Add to cart: 8 Elephant-themed finds if you’re a huge Dumbo fan


By Stephanie Boey

Add to cart: 8 Elephant-themed finds if you’re a huge Dumbo fan

Tim Burton’s spin on Dumbo marks the first Disney classic to be released from a long string of upcoming remakes. The world’s favourite flying elephant takes the silver screen once again after the original’s release in 1941. If Dumbo was one of your favourite movies growing up, you may already have your tickets at the ready. Take it one step further with an elephant-themed ensemble to complement your Dumbo craze.

Coach takes the lead with a special collaboration with Disney to produce an extensive collection of your favourite animated characters on their best-selling silhouettes. Seeing the original animated version of Dumbo on the knitted intarsia sweater in baby blue (Slide 1) definitely pulls at the heartstrings. Gucci has something similar but with a longer hemline (Slide 2), the long wool sweater can be worn over trousers or on its own as a mini dress. Known for their quirky animal-shaped bags, Loewe‘s elephant mini bag receives a hand-sprayed treatment in a spectrum of sunset colours (Slide 3) that lightens up the mood. Want to wear your love for Disney’s baby elephant a little more subtlely? You’ll love Marc Alary’s playful and whimsical fine jewellery. The handmade pendant (Slide 4) is made from 18-karat gold, ebony and sapphire for a truly precious charm.

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