The best of PFW SS19 day 2: Anrealage’s chandelier headpieces


By Su Fen Tan

The best of PFW SS19 day 2: Anrealage’s chandelier headpieces

The name Anrealage comes from the combination of words ‘real, unreal, and age’, and it is the foundation upon which founder and designer Kunihiko Morinaga builds his progressive creations. He once told Italian Vogue: “I think that there is both a science technology and a human technology in technology. I am interested in making clothes by crossing over these two different technologies. Combining the technology made by man’s hands and the high technology made by the latest machines may be our future task.”

This season, Morinaga tasks himself with showing the extreme opposites of a garment. A series of elaborately embellished looks came down the runway twice—while the clothes appeared black during the first walk, they were transparent/white the second time round. The secret to this transition is in the fabric, a photochromic material that darkens when exposed to UV light. Morinaga complements his head-turning creations with accessories that are just as fantastical. Forget masks for masquerade parties, these delicate yet futuristic chandelier headpieces will do the trick. Take your pick from the full collection below:



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