You’ll never guess what’s in Naomi Watts’ #FendiPeekaboo bag


By Joan Kong

You’ll never guess what’s in Naomi Watts’ #FendiPeekaboo bag

Lipstick? Wallet? Mints? These essentials may be in most women’s bag, but not when it comes to actress Naomi Watts’. Ahead of the opening of Fendi’s new flagship boutique in Sydney this month, the British-Australian star was featured in the House’s new #FendiPeekaboo video, and it’s a whole lot of fun.

Titled ‘Wild Untamed Naomi’, the short film captures a day in the life of Watts’ in her New York City apartment. In the one-minute video, the actress can be seen letting loose after what seems like a long day, from chilling on the couch to indulging in chocolate and having a solo dance party. What can we say? She’s a total #mood. The film is also a journey to self-love, as it aligns with Fendi’s values of creativity, craftsmanship, and playful spirit.

Accompanying her throughout the film, is her Peekaboo ISeeU bag—first introduced in Fendi’s AW20 collection. The accordion-frame carrier features interchangeable pockets and can be personalised. “I love the colours! And it’s a classic shape that’s very functional, whether you’re travelling with it or just using it as a day to-day bag,” says Watts about her trusty sidekick. “It just works.”

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