Watch: All the highlights from our #BuroTurnsTwo bus trip last week

Too cool for school


By Su Fen Tan

Watch: All the highlights from our #BuroTurnsTwo bus trip last week

Last week, we took the cool kids out on a bus trip in town as a pre-celebration before our #BuroTurnsTwo party. The Class of ’17 in attendance for the trip include Jane Chuck, Ashley Lau, Cherrie Liong, Juwei Teoh, and Bella Kuan among many others. Our mode of transportation for the day? The eye-catching Buro Double Decker bus, perfect for a little sightseeing given the great weather. After everyone gathered at the meeting point, we set out to Pavilion KL for an exciting day out of fun and pampering. Our mini trip started off with an ice cream and coffee pitstop at Coach, then it was off to the Dior beauty boutique for a little bit of shopping and games, before concluding the afternoon with a high-tea session at the exclusive Buro Café.


Don’t miss out on all the best parts from the Buro bus trip here:

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