4 stylish travellers showcase the best of Uniqlo LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016

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4 stylish travellers showcase the best of Uniqlo LifeWear Fall/Winter 2016

Travel, style and swoon-worthy Instagram feed – our four personalities seem to have it all. From Ismael’s breathtaking scenic shots to Kahoe’s cool lifestyle portraits as well as Rain and Lynn’s magazine-worthy OOTDs, these four well-travelled personalities are the definition of #travelgoals. While they admitted that is not easy to look stylish while travelling, it is not impossible, especially when Uniqlo LifeWear’s fashionable and functional essentials are here to the rescue. We speak to them as they divulge their travel tips, essentials and favourite pieces from the Fall/Winter 2016 collection.  


Rain Shuai Yu, Actress/Model

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What is your most memorable travelling experience?

I had an unforgettable vacation in Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan, China. It was my first ever winter holiday and the temperature was at -19°C. I donned five layers of sweaters and jackets-I was basically wrapped up like a dumpling! However, it was all worth it because the national park was absolutely spectacular. From the frozen lakes to the waterfall, I felt like I was in paradise.

How would you describe your travel style?

I’m a huge monochromatic fan, so I tend to lean towards black and white pieces. My travel style as of late is rather normcore-minimal, comfortable and with a dash of athleticism. When I first laid my eyes on Uniqlo LifeWear FW2016, I just knew the collection is right up my alley.

Do you have a favourite piece off the collection?

I instantly fell in love with the fleece-lined trousers that I wore onset. They keep me cozy and still look stylish. I picture myself wearing it to the airport and heading straight for my travel adventure the minute I get off the plane. 

What is something you pack that is not absolutely essential but you like having it?

I always bring my noise-cancelling headphones. I get to enjoy my music and block out the sound of crying babies on the plane!

What is your biggest travel rule to live by?

To eat and live like a local.


Ismael, Photographer

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What’s your favorite place that you have visited?

On the Big Island of Hawaii, there is a mountain called Mauna Kea, which literally means snow-capped mountain. I was up on the mountain (it measures up more than 10,000m!) and I saw shooting stars followed by sunrise at 5 AM. I left my camera at various locations to capture a time-lapse of the surreal sunrise over the clouds at 4,200+ meters. It was extremely cold but the beauty of it makes everything worth it.

What do you like most about the Uniqlo LifeWear FW2016 collection?

Although they are basic essentials, the pieces are very chic and sophisticated while maintaining the warm factor. It would’ve been perfect to maintain a style and warmth balance while I was stuck on Mauna Kea! I especially like the jogger pants and Heattech-they would be great for hiking in the colder climates.

Which is your favourite look from the photoshoot?

The team at Buro did an awesome job styling the fleece-lined jeans paired with the long sleeved shirt and the wool sweater over it. I used to sport a look like that when I was in Philadelphia for a PR conference. It’s a good look for formal events as well as a casual night out. 

Would you consider yourself a light packer?

I’d love to say that I travel light but as a photographer, that never happens. Because I lug around a whole bunch of camera gear, I only bring clothes that I need. They are usually simple, functional and light but not compromising the warmth properties if I’m going to colder places. 

What’s the next destination on your bucket list?

That’s a really unfair question because there are so many places I want to go. I would like to start within South East Asia – I’m from South East Asia and I don’t even feel like I know it all that well. I’d definitely like to explore the islands in Indonesia.


Lynn, Actress/ Model

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Do you have a favourite holiday destination?

I’ve been to lots of beautiful places but if I had to choose one, it would be Iceland. It was during winter, my friend and I parked our motorhome in the middle of nowhere at the Great Geysir, and we were fortunate enough to catch the Northern Lights. The sight was indescribable.

Describe the Uniqlo LifeWear FW2016 collection in three words.

High-quality, functional and sleek. 


What is your favourite piece from the Uniqlo LifeWear FW2016 collection?

The Ultra Light Down jacket, definitely. Not only does it keep me toasty warm, it can easily be packed into a portable pouch, giving me more space in my bag for “non-essentials”, like my shoes!

What are your best tips for stress-free and stylish travel?

When I’m travelling, I like to keep it light and simple. I always opt for versatile pieces that I can easily mix and match. With proper planning, it’s actually possible to pack eight pieces of clothing and get a week’s worth of looks.

What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned while traveling?

Just relax and go with the flow. I’m a very spontaneous traveller; I always book my accommodation and flight ticket at the last minute. In fact, I once booked a flight ticket two days prior the trip. If I do end up liking the city, I’d just stay longer.


Kahoe, Actor

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If you could pick a favourite city, what would it be?

It has got to Santa Monica. Having lived in Los Angeles for five years, I pursued my passion in filmmaking and continued my studies in New York Film Academy. My favourite pastime is surfing and skating by the beach-I’m in love with the city’s laidback lifestyle.

Tell us more about your travel style.

Feeling comfortable and looking effortless is essential to me as I’m an active person. I’m constantly out and about, exploring different places. My travel essentials include my sneakers, sunglasses and camera.

What about your non-essentials?

Quite frankly, I find myself bringing 15 caps on vacations and I’d just end up wearing one or two. I know, I constantly question myself why as well.

What do you like most about the Uniqlo LifeWear FW2016 collection?

My favourite part of the lineup is the versatility of the pieces. I see myself rocking the turtleneck tops and sweaters, pairing them with the existing items I have in my wardrobe. The colour palette also helps to make mixing and matching easier. 

Do you have a favourite piece off the collection?

That’s a tough question but if I had to choose, I would go with the Ultra Light Down jacket. Like the name suggests, it is ultra light and does not come off bulky. It provides enough warmth, and it feels and looks great on its own. In colder climates, I would wear it over cardigans or under a long jacket.


Uniqlo LifeWear Autumn/Winter 2016 is now available at all Uniqlo stores



Styling: Jasmine Leong

Photographer: Aaron Lee/Lensworks Production

Art direction: Chong Yi Suen 

Hair: Juno Ko

Makeup: Cat Yong

Styling assistant: Tan Su Fen 

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