13 Best fashion moments from Taylor Swift’s ‘You Need To Calm Down’


By Stephanie Boey

13 Best fashion moments from Taylor Swift’s ‘You Need To Calm Down’

I have a confession to make: I’ve been listening to Taylor Swift‘s ‘You Need to Calm Down’ all weekend long since its release last Friday. And for someone whose taste in music is a little less rainbows and sunshine, and a lot more grunge and metal, I too, was very surprised by how quickly I took to Taylor’s latest song. The tune is fun and catchy, and in the height of call-out culture and social media bullying, its underlying message of needing to calm down is something we all should practice. Also, the lyrics and music video touches on LGBTQ+ rights and features a few familiar (read: famous) faces that represent the community.

Following the announcement of her collaboration Stella McCartney in conjunction with her latest album, we’re not surprised that the first single to ‘Lover’ contains more than a dozen standout looks. Below, 13 (see what we did there?) of the best looks worn by the star and her fellow cast members:

Sleeping (beauty) Taylor Swift

She woke up like this: perfectly coiffed hair speckled with silver glitter, accessorised with ruby gemstone earrings that match her bold red lip worn with a pink satin eye mask with ruffled skirting, embroidered with the words ‘Calm Down’ in sparkly gold thread. I need that eye mask, please add it into your merchandise lineup Taylor, tysm.

What’s the time, kitty kat?

How can one resist a watch this cute? Big up to the teal leather strap! Also, notice something different about the numbers on the dial? Hint: 1 o’clock.

Blow up my phone…with love

Taylor spreads good vibes with a glittered phone case that’s sure to put a smile on anybody in front of her camera lens. Updated: Head’s up y’all, this phone case and aforementioned sleeping mask and kitty watch is in T-Swift’s merch lineup.

Absolutely fearless

Hold the phone, Taylor Swift has awoken from her beauty sleep in her trailer and is clad in a pink bandeau bikini under a fucshia fur coat, accessorised with diamante heart-shaped earrings and embellished sunglasses (y’know, to block out all the unnecessary shade).

Hot pursuit

We knew our love for boiler suits would pay off. Pictured here, a dual-toned suit that starts out bubblegum pink at the collar which bleeds into a bright tangerine hue. We love the strappy sandals and white tube socks pairing, too!

Pink is the new black

The ever-fabulous Laverne Cox does her gardening and tends to her flock of yard flamingoes clad in a fitted, deep halter dress that’s fully decorated in pink sequins. All the more to catch the light in the sun!

Love thy neighbour

In the unit next door, Chester Lockhart mirrors his #extra neighbour in a sheer pink shirt, pink shorts and a pink slim belt. Plus, matching pink streaks in his hair.

Howdy, Taylor Swift

About midway through the video, Taylor makes a swift (lol) wardrobe change to a rodeo-inspired look that’s very different from her regular persona. TayTay the Southerner dons a purple cowboy shirt, decorated with stars and rhinestones. And judging from the detail close to the lapel, she’s the sheriff, too. Coolest darn sheriff in golden YSL hot pants we’ve ever seen.

Purple reign

Singer-songwriter Hayley Kiyoko practices her aim in a lilac jacket, heavily embellished with allover sequins. Her fierce gladiator pyhon-embossed skirt is balanced with playful holographic elements.

I now pronounce you…

…incredibly well-dressed for an ordained minister, Ciara. The bombshell reofficiates Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita’s nuptials in striking orange robes and stole embroidered with two red hearts, symbolising the true meaning of marriage—love and commitment between two human individuals.

We spy with our little eye…

…the entire cast of Queer Eye and an honourary member—Todrick Hall. (Fun fact: Hall is the co-executive producer of the music video). Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Bobby Berk and Karamo Brown showcase their individual styles in a harmonious combination of bright florals, sweet pastels and you guessed it, more sequins!

Future’s so bright, it’s time for a tan

Taylor Swift shuts down the haters in a vintage style yellow bikini with a 1950s Bettie Page hairdo, and combines it with contemporary heart-shaped tinted perspex sunglasses, rainbow platform pumps (by Christian Louboutin) and tiered rainbow earrings (by Roxanne Assoulin)

Burger and fries, please

The feud between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry officially ended days before the release of the music video when Perry shared an Instagram post of chocolate cookies served on a platter with the words, ‘Peace at Last’ written in icing, while tagging Taylor Swift. To commemorate the end of the 5-year feud, Katy Perry made a cameo at the end of the video in her Met Gala 2019 after-party burger costume by Moschino. Keeping with the fast food theme, Taylor’s final look came in the form of a box of French fries custom made by Jeremy Scott as well. What a brilliant pair the two make!

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