Style spotlight: Top 10 times Jimin slayed in style

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By Low Sue Mae

Style spotlight: Top 10 times Jimin slayed in style

This week, we’re celebrating a special day for a special someone. He’s got good looks, a sexy voice, cute charms, and an overall great style—give it up for Park Jimin from BTS. Giving you a little background story on the singer, this 95-liner (a K-pop term for those who were born in 1995) was actually the last one to make the cut as a member of BTS at the young age of 16 when he was still studying at Busan High School of Arts, South Korea. He was recruited through the music label Big Hit’s audition in Busan. Not only is he in the maknae (younger members) line of BTS, but he also was given the least amount of time to practice before debuting in the group. 

Jimin goes by a long list of nicknames, which include ChimChim, Diminie, Jiminie, Dooly, Mochi, which was given by A.R.M.Y (the group’s fan club) because of his chubby cheeks, and many more. A perfect mix of cute and sexy, the idol is also loved for his alluring aura and oozing charisma every time he performs on stage with his heavenly vocals and graceful dance moves.

Despite having a dream that takes up a huge part of his time to practice, Jimin did not compromise in acing his studies. Even after he debuted as an idol in 2013, he still made time to pursue his education, graduating from the Korean Arts High School in 2014 and getting a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment at Global Cyber University in 2020. Just when you thought the man couldn’t get any better, he excels in fashion too. With that being said, let’s look at some of our favourite looks from the pop star.


Sleek in a suit 


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At the beginning of the year, Jimin donned a dandy Dior tan suit while attending the Dior menswear A/W 2023 show with his BTS brother, J-Hope. Underneath, he layered a turtleneck and paired the ensemble with matching combat boots, all from Dior. Completing his look, the star styled his hair in chic waves with side bangs.


College crush

Next, get ready to see a whole lot of airport ‘fits because this handsome idol has always styled himself up for flights. First up is this green varsity jacket paired with a simple white tee and baggy jeans he wore to the airport earlier this year. This statement jacket is a piece from the men’s autumn Dior Tears collection. Accessories include pink-tinted sunnies, the Dior Mini Gallop Bag with Strap and a black beanie.


Playful Parisian boy

He appeared with a classy yet mischievous look while heading to Chicago to show support to J-Hope at Lollapalooza. He wore the Thom Browne RWB boxy cardigan with black slacks, accessorised with a cute Breton cap and black sunnies, as well as the Chanel Gabrielle Hobo Bag that’s worn sideways. Preparing himself for the cold, he held onto a Saint Laurent Shearling Jacket.


Cosy teddy bear 


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Jimin was spotted at Incheon airport looking like a cute teddy bear, dressed in a brown Mihara Yasuhiro distressed knit polo-shirt with ripped Acne Studios loose fit jeans in mid blue. Furthermore, he wore the Dior Gallop Bag crossbody, Marsell Micarro boots in black with a black beanie.


Taking it easy

Free and easy, but make it luxury. Last on the airport outfits list shows Jimin’s ability to elevate a simple everyday outfit. He wore an oversized Christian Dior Atelier white tee and black shorts paired with his trusty Dior Gallop Bag and a beanie. His Marsell Micarro Boots were the ‘It’ item that gave his look an interesting twist, alongside the Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167/1A timepiece.


Ethereal angel

Did you know that Jimin was the top of his class in contemporary dance when he was in school? Matching his graceful and emotional yet restrained modern contemporary choreography in Black Swan is this loosely-fitted white suit with cascading black feather trimmings—looking like a beautiful angel that fell from heaven. Not to mention, his blue hair with a subtle grey undertone matches his look perfectly.




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The Dior global ambassador wore a youthful Dior denim set at his bandmate Suga’s ‘D-Day Tour—The Final’ concert. On top, he is dressed in the Dior Oblique Blouson with the long slim-fit Dior Oblique jeans at the bottom that’s tied together with a Saint Laurent pin-buckle leather belt—a simple look that brings out his young, fun and innocent side.


Bad boy Jimin


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Jimin caused a commotion with this full-body tattoo look in his Set Me Free MV, with inks seen from the neck all the way down to the torso, made up of a German poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, which translates to, “I live my life in ever-widening circles”. He wore a black bomber jacket on top and the Dion Lee SSENSE exclusive black trousers on the bottom.


K-Pop sensation Ken

The wholesome Barbie and K-pop crossover we never knew we needed! Ken (played by Ran Gosling) sent a guitar to Jimin as a token for borrowing his cowboy look from the Permission To Dance music video in the movie. In an appreciation video reply, the idol didn’t forget to dress up in a distressed Maison Margiela stripe-knit jumper, Our Legacy third cut jeans in light grey, and Mihara Yasuhiro Wayne low top sneakers in black.


Fall-ing hard for him

This autumn-coded look stays in our mind rent-free. Jimin wore this unique military-style dual-coloured long coat from Alexander McQueen with a belt cinched at the waist, strutting confidently into the 2020 KBS Song Festival. Peeking through his two-toned coat is a black turtleneck, a pair of classic black pants and loafers that make the coat stand out while keeping the look cohesive.


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