Chanel appoints Margot Robbie as the face of the new Coco Neige line

Ice queen


By Wei Yeen Loh

Chanel appoints Margot Robbie as the face of the new Coco Neige line

Chanel is launching a winter sports line for winter 2018/19 and Karl Lagerfeld has appointed none other than one of the newest ambassadors of the house to become the face of the first Coco Neige collection — actress and film producer Margot Robbie. Shot by Lagerfeld, the ad campaign takes on a crisp, clean aesthetic with Robbie posing against a background of azure skies and billowy clouds, bringing to mind the clear horizon that you’d likely see over peak tops or perhaps a chalet at a mountain skiing lodge.

Glean a first look at the Coco Neige collection from this visual, with Robbie repping a chunky sweater with a chapka that sports Chanel’s signature tweed lining the ear flaps. “This shoot was one of the greatest experiences of my career. The energy and vibe on set was so wonderful and collaborative. One of the first things Karl Lagerfeld said to me was that we never need to take ourselves too seriously. He has such a creative mind and he knows exactly what he wants and the minute he captured it, we were moving onto the next shot. It was amazing … I already knew he was a genius but to be able to spend time with him in person, I now know he is also just a wonderful human being,” says the Australian actress. More campaign visuals for Coco Neige will be out this June.


If you’re already planning on revamping your winter wardrobe in time for your next skiing trip this year, be sure to check out Chanel’s Coco Neige collection that will be available in boutiques this July. Expect a fusion of technicality and elegance that is in line with the house codes from the winter sports line, with both masculine and feminine inspirations infused in tweed and leather. If you’re lucky, there might just be quilted two-toned ski parkas to add to your Chanel stash. 

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