Make way for the new fashionable, trendy sneaker in the boldest, brightest hues


By Stephanie Boey

Make way for the new fashionable, trendy sneaker in the boldest, brightest hues

Over the recent years, we’ve seen our fair share of the chunky, clunky sneaker as the trend came, saw and conquered the street style scene. Alas, it’s high time the bulky sneaker stepped aside as we spearhead to a sleeker, more streamlined silhouette this 2019.

The latest addition to the Versace Chain Reaction series steps up to the plate with its light running shoes, aptly named the Cross Chainer. The new performance sneaker shares the same slender silhouette and iconic details as its predecessors (such as the unique chain-linked rubber sole inspired by iconic Versace chain jewellery, the fashion house’s iconic Greek key motif as well as braille lettering) with a few key updates.

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The now bi-material sole highlights the chain link details more distinctly than its monotoned forerunners (anyone who catches a peep of these soles are in for a treat). In the past, the braille lettering read ‘Love’ on the sneakers, but with the Cross Chainer, it now reads ‘Power’ harnessing a strong inner confidence to its wearer. These sneakers don’t just look good, the puff croc neoprene lining and tongue are heaven-sent for your soles (and soul), while the decorative Greca border which now adorns the pulltabs helps ease you into it without a hitch.

A combination of neoprene, mesh and rubber, the Versace Cross Chainer is an eclectic mix of textures and the colourways available highlight this even more. The all-white sneaker is perfect for the chic minimalist who likes to keep things simple but if you’re a maximalist dresser, the bright red and python combo is right up your alley, and for the lass and lad who’s always on trend, the wild neon bright is sure to catch your attention.

Watch the video below:

The Cross Chainer sneakers are now available at Versace Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Suria KLCC and KLIA.

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