Have you been spring cleaning? Here’s where to drop off all your unwanted clothes


By Buro247

Have you been spring cleaning? Here’s where to drop off all your unwanted clothes

We’re officially into Week 3 of the MCO! All this extra time at home naturally calls for a spring cleaning. And if you’re anything like us (whereby the first order of business was to clean and reorganise your closet), chances are you’ve got a lot of clothes that didn’t make the cut. As Marie Kondo tells us, they have to “spark joy”!

Using the “repair, reuse and recycle” philosophy comes in handy in situations like these. A relatively new shirt with a small tear can be easily fixed with a thread and needle, an old t-shirt can be reused in the house as a dishrag, while the sleeve of a velvet dress can be a new pin cushion (we picked up sewing during this MCO, can you tell? lol)

But what about the clothes you really have no use for? If they’re still in good condition and can be reworn, donating them should be the first option. As for the clothes that have seen better days, it’s off to the fabric recycling centre!

There are a handful of fabric recycling centres in the Klang Valley but with the current MCO, not all are in operation. Happy to be the bearer of good news that Kloth Cares are still up and running, and have been receiving sizeable amounts of donations.

Kloth Cares accepts all textiles and fabrics with the aim to reduce clothes in our landfills. Collected items are processed and transformed into industrial cleaning cloths or fuel for for cement kiln.

Here’s a list of items that you can donate.

i) Garments

ii) Clothing accessories (eg. scarves, belts, hats, etc)

iii) Footwear

iv) Bags

v) Toys

vi) Textiles (eg. curtains, tablecloth, bedsheets, etc)

Got things piled up and ready to be donated? Here are Kloth Cares bin locations in the Klang Valley

Kuala Lumpur

i) Shell Jalan Gelenggang Bukit Damansara

ii) Shell TTDI

iii) Shell Bukit Jalil

iv) Shell Jalan Cheras

iv) Shell Sentral Wangsa Maju

v) Shell Kuchai Entrepreneur Park

vi) Shell Kepong station


i) Shell Damansara Jaya

ii) Shell Section 17

iii) Shell Kota Damansara

iv) Shell Persiaran Bandar Utama

v) Shell Kayu Ara

vi) Shell Persiaran Kayangan

vii) Shell Persiaran Putra Indah 8

viii) Shell Jalan Selangor

ix) Shell Section 18

**For more information and drop-off points outside the Klang Valley, click here.