Halloween 2019: 10 Spooky buys to add to your last minute costume


By Stephanie Boey

Halloween 2019: 10 Spooky buys to add to your last minute costume

The Hungry Ghost Festival may have passed but the spooky season ain’t over yet! Hallow’s Eve beckons as we prepare for sweet candy collecting and indulgent partying. Do you plan to dress up this year? In 2018, celebs ditched the fictional characters by paying homage to their favourite icons and fellow famous people crew with instantly recognisable looks that need no explanation. Kendall Jenner’s costume was simple yet effective. All she needed was a pink babydoll sheer dress, satin gloves and a blonde ‘60s hairdo to morph herself into Barbarella. Spot a man and woman in Canadian tuxedos aka denim on denim and you can already guess who they’re dressed up as, too. (It’s Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake)

If you’re pressed for time to dream up a character and rent a costume, you may want to resort to Plan B ie. Plan Buro. This 2019, dare to walk on the wild side with our edit of spooky picks that will get you through the Halloween season (and all year round). For a spine-chilling ensemble, go with deep, dark hues with opulent finishes. Time to unleash your dark side! Transform into a modern Morticia Addams in a slinky black slip paired with a glam punk shearling coat by Coach or get cheeky with charm bracelet adorned with witches’ hats and Jack-O-lanterns from Moschino.

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