Watch: A two-minute retrospect on Gabrielle Chanel’s quest for freedom

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By Wei Yeen Loh

Watch: A two-minute retrospect on Gabrielle Chanel’s quest for freedom

2017 marks an important one for Chanel: It is the year of the Gabrielle. A new handbag silhouette, the Chanel Gabrielle, was introduced earlier this year, while a fragrance named Gabrielle Chanel will be available next fall. In celebration of these two new releases, the first chapter of the Inside Chanel series paid tribute to the late founder’s passionate values, while the latest addition, Chapter 20: Gabrielle, The Quest for Freedom, shows us how Gabrielle Chanel built her empire without kowtowing to the social conventions and boundaries during that era.

“If you’re born without wings, don’t do anything to stop them from growing.”

One who defined liberty and broke barriers, Chanel made many decisions that rejected the social norms of that time. She introduced masculine materials such as tweed and jersey in her collections (and then made those her signature), while eschewing hats in order to show off women’s hair. Another tradition-defying moment was when she launched her own perfume, the now-iconic N°5—a floral composition that pioneered the art of modern perfumery and olfactory abstraction. Her abilities weren’t just limited to fashion and beauty—her penchant for faux pearl adornments and costume jewellery spearheaded her diamond collection, the Biojux de Diamants.  


Find out more about the personality of the legendary entrepreneur in this inspiring short film:


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