Funny fashion scenarios likely to happen after the MCO is lifted


By Stephanie Boey

Funny fashion scenarios likely to happen after the MCO is lifted

What’s life going to look like after the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided? While we Malaysians remain in our homes as we flatten the curve, China has reported to be resuming normality after a two-month lockdown, as infection records have been dropping significantly. It’s back to business, but not quite as usual. A quick Google image search shows citizens back to their daily routines, the employed are back in their respective fields, and in restaurants and nightclubs, waiters, bartenders and patrons don the necessary face accessory of the year—masks.

We reckon it’ll take a couple of months for things to completely go back to normal.  Acclimatising to a world post COVID-19 will be something we have to think about. Like, once the MCO has been lifted, will social distancing still be a thing?

Below, we imagined a few possible fashion scenarios, illustrated by most head-turning looks from Spring/Summer 2020.

1) Social distancing remains a thing

Taking cue from our neighbours in China, social distancing may still be advised in the early weeks. Here’s a few inspirations on how you can keep your distance… in style.

2) Accidentally wearing inside clothes outdoors

You may want to do a quick mirror check before you head out the door for the very first time. After weeks of work from home attire, the last thing you need is accidentally leaving in house slippers.

3) How to tell all your friends that you’ve watched Tiger King on Netflix

The  “craziest show on Netflix” is a definite conversation starter. Pull off a Joe Exotic-inspired look in head-to-toe animal print with his beloved tiger stripes as the key interest.

Bobby Abley Spring/Summer 2020

4) You’re gonna miss your pets

Alas, all that extra time with your furry friends will come to an end. Soothe any separation anxiety with cute animal motifs, or better yet…write in and request for a pet-friendly workplace or adopt a pet for the office.

Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2020

5) Consider comfortable transit clothes

Working from home sure has its perks. One of them being cutting off commuting time completely. Before we go back to our regular modes of transportation, perhaps consider comfortable clothes that will make your commute less of a hassle. Puffy padded shoulders are great to lean on while you nap on the train.

Hellessy Spring/Summer 2020

6) First stop once the MCO has been lifted: The salon

 For those of us who are not as skilled in the self-hair cutting department, we’ll have to resort to waiting for salons to open. Copped a fringe you’d prefer to grow out? Here’s our guide to growing yours out gracefully.

Commes des Garçons Spring/Summer 2020

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