It’s now official: Ariana Grande is the new face of Givenchy


By Stephanie Boey

It’s now official: Ariana Grande is the new face of Givenchy

After a day of coy (but obvious) hints, Givenchy has officially announced that Ariana Grande is the new face of the brand. The internet went into a frenzy when Givenchy released a series of Instagram posts on Thursday, 9 May teasing their followers about the news about a fresh brand ambassador. The captions read, “The new face of Givenchy, revealed tomorrow”, “Who is she?” and “She’s coming”. The black and white videos depicted a very familiar side profile and silhouette we’ve all grown to know. The dead giveaway? The signature high ponytail. A quick check on Ariana Grande’s Instagram confirmed the speculations as she uploaded the same set of videos on her grid and Insta stories, complete with the Givenchy logo at the end.

The big reveal comes a day later with Ariana (again mysteriously with her back turned facing away from the camera) clad in an elegant cut-out evening gown accessorised with a pearl-studded headband. Hardcore Givenchy fans will be quick to notice the dress is a clear identical to the iconic black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Does Ari have another homage video up her sleeve? Only time will tell.


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