A first look at fashion designer Zac Posen’s documentary, House of Z

Journey to success


By Joan Kong

A first look at fashion designer Zac Posen’s documentary, House of Z

As one of the judges on reality TV show Project Runway, and the man behind that one-of-a-kind Cinderella dress that Claire Danes wore to the Met Ball last year (yes, we still can’t get over it), you would think that the 36-year-old designer had it easy all along, but a successful career in fashion would not be complete without some ups and downs. Distributed by Condé Nast Entertainment and directed by Sandy Chronopoulos, House of Z accounts the meteoric early rise of the fashion designer at the age of 21—dressing A-listers such as Kate Winslet, Naomi Campbell and Gwyneth Paltrow, and having Sean Combs (aka P. Diddy) investing in his company, to his brand falling out of favour years later, and his determination in rebuilding the business (and his name).  


Besides being one of the judges on Project Runway (his sixth year on the show), Zac Posen is also the owner of two eponymous brands—Zac Posen and ZAC Zac Posen, and the creative director of Brooks Brothers since 2014.


The film will be out in September to coincide with New York Fashion Week.


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