7 Things about the Nike Air Max 270 you probably didn’t know

Style meets function


By Cai Mei Khoo

7 Things about the Nike Air Max 270 you probably didn’t know

1. It’s not a running shoe

Don’t let its sporty styling fool you. The Nike Air Max 270 is Nike’s first lifestyle air unit. Yes, there have been other lifestyle shoes before, but these were all made with air units that were created for running performance. The air unit for the Air Max 270 is designed explicitly for the shoe, making it purely a lifestyle shoe, but with an air unit that can withstand the demands of your busy lifestyle.


2. The shoe takes inspiration from the Air Max 93 and Air Max 180

“The upper was inspired by the Air Max 180, and the skin by the Air Max 93,” says Marie Odinot, the Nike footwear designer who developed the upper of the Air Max 270. “We took a little bit of DNA from multiple Air Max silhouettes and remixed them to make the 270 familiar. We’re trying to find things that supernerds know to be in other Air Max shoes and incorporate them.”


3. The shoe’s name comes from the Air Max 93’s nickname

The name 270 refers to the 270-degrees visibility in the air unit.


4. The heel features the tallest ever air unit

The air unit in the Nike Air Max 270 measures in at 32mm, which also translates into maximum air cushioning.


5. The mesh on the upper was rotated for a better comfort

“We rotated the mesh, which provides a more fun look and creates more comfort through mechanical stretch,” says Odinot. “We also wanted something clean and simple but with an exaggerated edge so we eliminated panels in an effort to make the mesh more visible and the shoe more modern.”


6. The largest ever Air Max 270 is a whopping size 18

Created for American professional basketball player, Kevin Durant, who first wore the Air Max 270 in November 2017 – talk about maximum air cushioning!


7.  Expect to see more of the Air Max 270

“We looked at how irreverent some of the launch colourways have been for other significant moments of Air Max history and we wanted to try to recreate that,” says Odinot. The Air Max 270 is now available with a Flyknit upper, with a new colourway launching this 15 May. Particular about colour options? Create your own Air Max 270 iD here.


Here’s how I wore my Nike Air Max 270 sneakers:

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