5 Things to know about the Coach Pre-Fall 2019 show


By Joan Kong

5 Things to know about the Coach Pre-Fall 2019 show

1.     The venue

Coach has always been about the all-American attitude, but for the first time ever, the brand ventured outside its home for a show in the largest city in China—Shanghai. Following the likes of Valentino and Gucci, this is the third brand that has shown in the city this month. Dubbed ‘Coach Lights Up Shanghai’, it was all about fusing the magical energy that both big cities share, and the mash-up saw Coach bringing a piece of that New York City experience to the show set. Located near the heart of the city at the West Bund Art Center, the venue was transformed into a two-lane street that reminded us of the Big Apple, complete with blinking traffic lights, classic Buicks and neon signs. On one end, you can find fire escapes at the side of the “buildings”, which were painted in the classic brick-red shade.


2.     The celebrities

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As usual with Coach, you can expect a star-studded show, and on Saturday, the hottest celebrities of the region and beyond gathered to watch the runway from the FROW. Brand ambassadors Chloë Grace Moretz, Kiko Mizuhara (who is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities we’ve met), and Timmy Xu were all seated front and centre, alongside Taiwanese singer Nick Chou, Hannah Quinlivan (aka Mrs. Jay Chou), Liu Wen and more. K-pop girl group Blackpink‘s Rosé and Jisoo caused a commotion as they made their appearances—to their fans’ delight. Also present were our local It-couple Fazura and Fattah Amin, who were dressed head-to-toe in the brand, and Lawrence Wong, who is enjoying a successful career in China following his role in the popular Chinese drama, Story of the Yanxi Palace.


3.     The collection

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The Pre-Fall 2019 collection is Coach’s first dual-gender runway show outside of New York City, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. Aimed to give us—as the show notes say—”a sensory experience that explores the unique attitude of New York City”, the collection was a beautiful mashup of the ’70s rock ‘n’ roll attitude with a refined elegance. Stuart Vevers played with the spectrum of the rainbow, but each look was mainly kept in a single hue, played up with different textures and colour tones. Clothing-wise, handkerchief hems, and puffy cloud-like shearling jackets reigned, followed by oversized outerwear and sweaters that will let you embrace the cooler weather in style. Although the prairie vibes were toned down this season, you can still find the brand’s signature patchwork prints on mohair knits and tall platform shoes, and ditsy floral motifs on dresses layered worn with a leather gilet or layered over a black bralette and short shorts. The Dreamer bag this season comes with a kiss-lock closure in patchwork, and similarly, the Riley bag is also reimagined with curved patchwork details, a brassy top handle, and a closure featuring the brand’s logo. Spot some of Vevers’ favourite models such as Lexi Boling, Indira Scott, Kiki Willems and Adesuwa Aighewi who were all specially flown in for the event.


4.     The artist collaboration

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Peppered among the Pre-Fall 2019 looks, were a number of pieces from creative director Stuart Vevers’ collaboration with four top Chinese creatives—graphic artist, Guang Yu; contemporary ink painter and abstract artist, Zhu Jingyi; sculptor Sui Jianguo; and music collectives Tom and Arthur Bray, also known as Yeti Out. Each artist gave Coach’s beloved mascot, Rexy, their own spin, and the reinterpretation added that dose of modernity to the collection, while also introducing the creatives’ work to the brand’s audience worldwide. Guang Yu, for example, took a bite out of Rexy—pun intended—by adding teeth-like drawings (in sequins, no less) to the brand’s ‘C’ monogram, while Zhu Jingyi gave the mascot an artsy touch—adding swirl patterns and textures to it. The monogrammed Riley crossbody bag was given a cute touch in the form of a T-Rex sculpture by Sui Jianguo—transformed into print and plastered on the flap. And lastly, Yeti Out’s signature graphic smiley face had the Chinese characters “Shanghai” as its eyes, and Rexy as its nose—it’s a piece that’s hard to be missed, for sure.


5.     After-party on set

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Right after the finale, the disco lights turned on and the show set was transformed into the after-party, and classic American snacks such as popcorn, fries, and beer were served as guests danced the night away on Coach’s streets of New York.


Here, take a look at what we were up to at the Coach Pre-Fall 2019 show in Shanghai:




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