3 Local designers to shop from to look your best this Chinese New Year


By Joan Kong

3 Local designers to shop from to look your best this Chinese New Year

Khoon Hooi

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First launched in 2010, Khoon Hooi’s qi pao collections have always been a beautiful blend of tradition and modernity, and this year, the designer is adding some digital elements into the mix. Inspired by flowers, a number of satin fabrics come in digitally printed motifs, without forgetting the traditional cranes, bamboos, peonies and plum blossom that pop against a colour palette of vibrant hues, such as lime green, lilac, blush pink and aqua. But that’s not it, zoom in on the pieces and you’ll notice the intricate flower buttons—made of jade, agate, and pearl—giving the looks that feminine finishing touch. If you’re looking for something less form-fitting, looser fits such as belted top-culottes combo, or a trapeze dress that are still very much in theme are also available.


Khoon Hooi’s Qi Pao 2019 Chinese New Year collection is now available at the APW Bangsar showroom.


Melinda Looi

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Want something festive with a twist? Look no further as Melinda Looi’s Chinese New Year 2019 collection is just that. Inspired by Chinese folk art, you can find traditional visual elements such as nature and animal motifs on an array of fabrics such as lace, batik, and jacquard. On top of that, the designer also included her own prints, which are an umbrella pattern that was inspired by Penang’s hawker scene, and opera faces that radiate a cheeky vibe. Certain designs (among a total of 164 looks) include reversible outerwear, jackets that can be transformed into dresses and removable Mandarin collars-a signature of the brand.


The Chinese New Year Cruise 2019 collection is now available at the Melinda Looi Bangsar boutique. Alternatively, you can order via Instagram as well.


Innai Red

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For its second CNY collection, Innai Red perfectly captures the spirit of the festivities with a qi pao collection that is the epitome of elegance. To showcase the beauty of the attire, only luxe fabrics were used in the making of the pieces, such as brocade, taffeta, charmeuse silk, organza, French lace, and embroidered tulle. Accompanying the materials, are the label’s signature elements such as ruffles, intricate beadwork, sheer details and peplum silhouettes that elevated the traditional ensemble further. From pretty pastels to vibrant hues, the collection is introduced in a wide range of colours, but each piece is equally stunning on its own.


Only eight pieces per design from Innai Red’s Chinese New Year 2019 collection are available this year, and pre-order ends on January 15th.

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