Sparkling Christmas wishlist: Miranda Kerr x Swarovski



By Su Fen Tan

Sparkling Christmas wishlist: Miranda Kerr x Swarovski

The joy of giving and receiving is one that of the best things about the holiday season, but there is also that dilemma that comes with it, particularly the giving part: what gifts should I get? Rest assured we are here to make your decisions that much easier, as we pick out highlights from Swarovski sparkling new collection designed with brand muse Miranda Kerr.


The beautiful collection is one of delicate proportions, feminine designs and refined crystal applications. Miranda Kerr inspired jewellery pieces with values she holds dear, imbuing Brilliance, Love, Joy, Sprit, Strength, and Grace in pendants adorned with delicate symbols—rich in meaning and perfect for gifting, and perhaps even a little self-indulgence. Here are our favourite pieces:

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Swarovski’s exclusive collection designed by Miranda Kerr is available now at all Swarovski stores nationwide.

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