All you need for the ultimate summer wardrobe

Slay the sunny season


By Low Sue Mae

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All you need for the ultimate summer wardrobe

It can be relatively more challenging to style yourself on sunny days if you prefer layering when it comes to coordinating everyday looks. Bikinis, crop tops and shorts are some of the items that immediately come to mind when it’s hot outside, but this isn’t quite enough for fashionistas who aim to impress. 

If you think that the summer is limiting your choice of clothes, we’re here to help. To make sure that you’re not missing out, we’ve compiled ‘It’ summer pieces that some of our favourite fashion influencers are wearing on the daily. From classic summer staples to trendy pieces of 2023, here are some items that you should add to cart for the perfect summer wardrobe.



Going to the beach


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If you’re going for a romantic walk by the beach, you’ll need a combination of lacy and loose. Pick a white top with lacy sides that lend a dressy vibe. Pair it with a loose midi skirt to perfect the soft girl look that’s elegant yet still easy to move around in. Feeling a little adventurous? Get a sheer top for a sexy see-through moment and pair it with a micro mini skirt instead! Complete your look with ballet flats or kitten heels, which will both look great—it just depends on what you’re feeling that day.


A casual stroll


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Going on a random stroll or a quick stop at the supermarket? Stay stylish and comfortable with a simple top and baggy jorts. If you didn’t know, jorts are the latest trend this summer, so they are something that you should definitely cop this season. Pair it with an oversized shirt if you want a looser fit, but if you’re still feeling hot, change into a baby tee or a crop top instead. Tie the look together with these statement-making silver sneakers that are not only stylish but oh-so-comfortable.


Out for a party


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Time to glam up for the night! With fun parties and music festivals happening throughout the season, you should make sure that you’re prepared to slay while having the time of your life. For wild nights, opt for a sexy sheer dress with funky details. If you’re more of a pants person, get a cut-out crop top and pair it with a baggy bottom for an edgy, dressed-up look. Lastly, get a pair of boot heels to complete the ensemble, and voila, you’re ready to slay!


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