Ride the heat wave in style with these pearl-studded frames


By Stephanie Boey

Ride the heat wave in style with these pearl-studded frames

Living in the tropics definitely has its perks. Eternal summer and sunshine being the main upside. Unfortunately living at the equator also means a temperamental weather (and global warming doesn’t help either). Arm yourself against the overbearing heat with the anti-UV ray army: SPF and your trusty pair of sunnies. Considering last season’s sunglasses trend leaned towards design than function (yeah, we’re talking about the micro shades that barely covered what they should be), we’ve decided the time was nigh for an update.

Pearls (faux or no), are having a moment, thanks to the pearl-studded barettes that were spotted during London Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019 in February. We stan the pearly slides and would like to raise it—enter the pearl-studded sunglasses. This season’s offerings have frames that are (thankfully) larger than their predecessors so consider yourself covered in the ocular department.

Our current pearlescent favourite lies with Gucci‘s gold-toned cat-eye (Slide 1) lined with faux pearls all around. Bold and lavish, it’s the perfect accessory to bring along to a summer vacay. If pearl-lined frames is a bit too ostentatious for your taste, check out Le Specs‘ black acetate frames (Slide 2). They look pretty standard from the front but the party’s on the arms. Handy tip: Tuck your hair behind your ears to have your pearls on full display. Need to dial it down even more? My Kita‘s round-frames (Slide 3) have the most subtle pearl accents you can find. A string of miniature faux pearls line the bridge of the sunglasses for more delicate touch.

Not a fan of the pearls? Don’t fret, we’ve handpicked a handful of the season’s best frames sans-pearls for your viewing pleasure. Swipe below for our top picks:

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