NYFW SS20 trendspotting: Area’s face jewellery


By Stephanie Boey

NYFW SS20 trendspotting: Area’s face jewellery

Founded in 2014, Area is a New York-based brand by Beckett Fogg and Piotrek Pansczczyk, which reached cult status with their colourful, head-turning statement looks made for the highly individualistic dresser. They proudly state that their signature style is “multi-faceted, witty, inherently glam, playfully decadent and injected with a pop of energy”; and credit their ethos, spirit and name to an iconic Manhattan nightclub in the ’80s, known for their eclectic scene and famous patrons.

For Spring/Summer 2020, Area delivered in the eclectism with a selection of throwback ‘80s silhouettes (the opening look was a broad shouldered all-white pantsuit), to contemporary summer florals (the button-down maxi shirt dress makes an ideal vacation OOTD) and balloonish dresses (the oversized chequered dress with the bubble hem skirt allows you to hide any food baby in style).

But what ultimately caught our attention were the futuristic face jewellery that looked like it was straight out of a neo fashion sci-fi flick. “Mutton chop” face adornments were fastened on both ears as it hung above the lips and across the cheeks. The popular septum piercing returned with bigger embellishments such as pearlescent studs and rhinestone decoratives. Next up, sparkly facial adhesives worn on the eyebrow and below the lower lashline. Hmmm, we have a feeling we’re going to be seeing variations of Area’s facial jewellery come the next music festival season.

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