The Innai Red x Wanderlust + Co Raya 2018 collection is a floral dream

The Innai Red x Wanderlust + Co Raya 2018 collection is a floral dream

In full bloom

Text: Joan Kong

Image: Wanderlust + Co

Two of our #BuroBossGirls this year teamed up for the Eid season

Global fashion jewellery brand Wanderlust + Co and local fashion label Innai Red have been making waves internationally and regionally, so together, you can naturally expect a beautiful collection, and they definitely delivered. For Raya 2018, the founder of each brand, Izrin Ismail and Jenn Low, have come together to find beauty in the unexpected, with a series of baubles that "celebrates colour, texture and unity in diversity". Titled the One Raya collection, the range consists of earrings, bracelets and rings in feminine florals that give off a sophisticated flair. Designed after orchids, lilies and poppies, the Florets series come in a bright and bold colour palette, finished off with a touch of shine in the form of the brass base and 14k gold plating. To showcase the versatility of the collection, the brands tapped three of our local celebrities—Deborah Henry, Sarah Lian and Diana Danielle—to star in its campaign, highlighting the multicultural society in Malaysia.


Scroll through for a full look at the collection below:


Shop the Innai Red X Wanderlust + Co One Raya collection here.

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