Valentine’s Day 2020: 10 Practical (and fashionable) presents to gift your S.O.


By Stephanie Boey

Valentine’s Day 2020: 10 Practical (and fashionable) presents to gift your S.O.

If you feel like the last couple of months have consisted of you just shelling out money, it’s true. Back in December, we were all gearing up for Christmas and the party season and not to mention, getting ready for the new decade. Come 2020, and we were then prepping for Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rat.

We’re in the last leg of the money spending streak, and it’s time to spoil your #1 boo. Valentine’s day is right around the corner, so time to go out with a bang (?). We firmly believe the best gifts are ones that are practical and will be put to good use. Our list’s got you covered. Not only are they functional, but they’re high on the aesthetic points, too.

Off-White‘s meta branding is loud and cheeky and in the case of this bi-fold wallet, we’ll allow it. If 2020’s the year your significant other plans to make major coin, this constant reminder will surely get their mindset in the game. Speaking of coin, AirPods are already a huge flex but if you’re looking to help ‘em up the ante—Dior‘s calfskin leather pouch will set tongues a-wagging.

Is the love of your life also a frequent traveller? Loewe‘s colour-blocked nylon parka is equal parts functional and stylish with its adjustable cuffs and diagonal flap pockets. Looking for something more versatile and portable perhaps? Gucci’s reflective rain hood can easily be folded, tucked away, carried around and worn over any ensemble.

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