Christmas 2023: Discover the latest Dior advent calendar designed by Pietro Ruffo

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By Low Sue Mae

Images credit: Dior
Christmas 2023: Discover the latest Dior advent calendar designed by Pietro Ruffo

Dior brings a joyous Parisian fantasy to life with its exclusive advent calendar, La Malles des Rêves, designed by contemporary Italian artist Pietro Ruffo. Joining the campaign is charming actress Anya Taylor-Joy, who takes on the role of an enchantress. 

Dior’s advent calendar is intricately designed, from the story behind the creation to offerings that are curated within. It’s made to immerse everyone into the joyous holiday mood with the dreamlike tale created with the calendar. Start your days with little yet luxe surprises that take on the shape of 30 Avenue Montaigne, the headquarters of Christian Dior. If you’re interested in knowing more, follow us as we take you on a virtual tour of the inspiration behind Dior and Pietro Ruffo’s exclusive creation.


Who is Pietro Ruffo?

Dior Pietro Ruffo

Pietro Ruffo is one of the most respected contemporary artists in Italy. Among his most popular works are his 3D paper sculptures that incorporate intricate details inspired by a wide range of elements from geography and constellations as well as social, moral and political subjects.

He’s known not only for his amazing artwork but also for his kind humanitarian side. The artist visited Beslan, Russia, in 2005 to work with young survivors of the Chechen rebels’ massacre at a local school. He also helped in various projects for children in need by creating special art workshops in France and more.

The talented artist has worked with organisations in various fields, from art, culture, and finance to major fashion labels. Ruffo’s friendship with Dior started in 2017 when the artist created a stage set for the brand’s anniversary celebrations in Paris. The artist also collaborated with the House for the opening of Biennale Arte in 2019 to promote the cultural heritage of Venice and designed sculptural apparel influenced by the 12 zodiac signs. Renewing the list of their partnerships is this year’s new holiday project—La Malles des Rêves.


Delving into the inspiration behind the dreamy holiday exclusive creation

Mystery, joy and adventure—all packed in an enchanting Dior dream. The background of Dior’s holiday story is set in the beautiful Tuileries Gardens, where glistening snow falls slowly onto the magical realm. Talyor-Jor, the enchantress, wanders elegantly in the garden as she searches for wonderful Dior gifts that appear along her way—signifying that those who dream in Dior will see their wildest wishes come true. 

Bringing this dream to life is Italian artist Pietro Ruffo, who designed the golden Tuileries Gardens motif specially for the occasion. 

Below is how the visionary brings us through the design process:

“First of all, at the entrance, the gate seems to be sculpted in lace, and very quickly, there is the scent of the rose gardens, the Richelieu rose and the Le Nôtre rose in tribute to the architect of the garden. I drew the pattern to look like the fabrics worn by Catherine de Medici, filled with flowers and movement. There are also statues in the garden, in particular, Mercury and Fame riding Pegasus … And then there is the octagonal ornamental basin that reflects the splendour of the city of Paris,” Ruffo explains.


Bringing the Dior holiday to you (both physically and digitally)

Dior Pietro Ruffo

Dive into the magical garden at Dior.com to search for your perfect Dior gift. See all the finest offerings of the brand, from La Collection Privée at the frozen fountain and renowned Prestige skincare at the magical makeup maze, to the brand’s iconic fragrances that can be found at the centre of the Tuileries Garden. 

If you want to explore the realm in person, stay tuned as Dior will be transporting the Holiday universe across the globe to Singapore, Hong Kong, Mexico, Miami, Paris and more!


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