LFW SS16: Anya Hindmarch

LFW SS16: Anya Hindmarch

Graphic identity

Image: Imax Tree

With a splatter of geometric prints, Anya Hindmarch took us on the ultimate 80s British experience with her mind-tricking show

Living up to her history of innovative runway set ups, which included a glamorised supermarkets and spinning UV tea cups, the accessories designer opted for a futuristic layout with four pyramidal mirrored sets that enabled a kaleidoscopic reflection of the models.

For SS16, Hindmarch looked to the 80s British high streets to fuel her collection with renowned slogans and logos of John Lewis—"never knowingly undersold", Mothercare and Carrefour splattered across leotards, coats, neoprene sweaters and of course, an assortment of accessories that ranged from backpacks and totes to Parisian-looking neck scarves. With a fresh interpretation of the brand logos, Hindmarch imprinted her designs with tessellated geometric and graphic patterns, which together with peep-toe ankle boots and tennis-themed accessories, imbued a fresh and sporty twist to the collection.

Together with the futuristic feel of her collection, Hindmarch expanded upon this by illuminating the set towards the finale. Ending the runway in an unforgettable manner, the designer added a touch of Cirque du Soleil by closing the show with a choreographed routine that played with the mirrored set to create illusionary kaleidoscopic shapes.