Dior collaborates with seven artists on limited-edition Lady Diors

Creative visions come to life


By Wei Yeen Loh

Dior collaborates with seven artists on limited-edition Lady Diors

The Lady Dior is recognised for good reason: Created in 1994, it was named after Diana, Princess of Wales and sports a cannage motif that takes inspiration from Napoleon III-style guest seats at the late Monsieur Dior’s shows. Having recently acquired badges and pins of all sorts (from the Cruise 2016/17 collection), the Lady Dior is available in a plethora of sizes, materials, and colours. 


If you were a fan of Marc Quinn’s hyper-realist designs for Lady Dior that were released in conjunction with the brand’s Bond Street store opening in June, you will love what Dior has in store this time around. The maison collaborated with six new British and American artists on a limited-edition range of products, including Lady Dior bags, scarves, bracelets and other small leather goods. From an ultra futuristic construction featuring undulating sculptural metallic motifs by British artist Jason Martin to montages assembled by marquetry on glazed calfskin by Brooklyn-based photographer Matthew Porter, these Lady Dior bags sport designs that are avant-garde as they are eye-catching. The artists’ designs will be displayed in Dior’s Miami boutique and a pop-up store in Los Angeles, alongside Korea, London, China, Dubai and Paris. 

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