London Fashion Week AW18: Highlights of Day 3

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By Su Fen Tan

London Fashion Week AW18: Highlights of Day 3


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Who: With a background in architecture, creative director Josep Font is known for his romantic, couture-inspired creations that are soft yet sculptural.

Where: After five years on the NYFW schedule, Delpozo showed in London for the first time at the Royal Institute of British Architects.

What: For AW18, Font was inspired by both nature—his imagination sparked by an unpublished National Geographic picture from the 1930s of water lilies and lotus flowers—and art, specifically the work of French artist Inès Longevial.

The Low-down: Font’s artful flourishes continue to occur across his designs, from the silhouettes to the tinier details. Blazers and coats don dramatically asymmetrical cuts; floral motifs charm in sequins and embellishments; patchwork skirts don bold palettes; and textural play shines for evening. Even the classic houndstooth print takes a whimsical turn with Font’s refreshing use of colours.

Buro Loves: While we are not quite feeling the big faux-fur flowers perched on some of the coat collars, the leather belts shaped into water lily silhouettes are absolute works of art. 


MM6 Maison Margiela

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Who: Maison Margiela’s contemporary line, MM6 is designed by an in-house team.

Where: Referencing Andy Warhol’s Factory, every thing and surface in the Running Horse (a pub in Mayfair) was foiled in silver.

What: If you are ever looking for an all-silver wardrobe, this is it.

The Low-down: Mirroring the set, the models were dressed in all-silver ensembles in a dazzling display—literally. The futuristic hue came in a plethora of textures, from quilted duffle coats and puffer jackets, to pleated skirts and sequinned dresses. Disco ball mirrors didn’t just find their way onto a suit, but also the MM6’s classic ankle boots.  

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