Barbie’s fashionable charm takes centre stage with curated Chanel silhouettes

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By Low Sue Mae

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Barbie’s fashionable charm takes centre stage with curated Chanel silhouettes

We all love Barbie for her confidence, bravery and positivity, but her elite sense of style has got to be on top of the list of reasons for our obsession. For the iconic movie that’s just been released this summer, we see how her powerful pink energy is realised through a collaboration with Chanel—which was highly anticipated, given how lead actress Margot Robbie has been an ambassador for the French Maison since 2018. Chanel has always been a preferred partner throughout the history of cinema, and its collaboration with Barbie the movie further cements its relevance to today’s pop culture. 


Chanel Vintage Pink Patent Rhinestone Vanity Case


The whimsical Warner Bros production is truly a not-to-be-missed cinematic experience where childhood, culture and fashion collide. Channelling glamorous pink power, the Parisian label took part in the creation of several costumes for Robbie and Ryan Gosling, making real-life Ken and Barbie look better than ever. Ensuring that the glamorous and luxe elements Barbie stands for are properly shown in the movie, Virginie Viard designed five silhouettes, along with quilted bags and accessories, specially for the two stars of the film.


Chanel CC Heart Vanity Bag


You’ll spot chic Chanel accessories throughout the movie, from lush quilted carry-alls, shield-eyewear from the Coco Neige collection dedicated to winter sports, holographic cuffs, costume jewellery and hats from Maison Michel in the Greta Gerwig blockbuster. The House also provided an array of outfit selections in shades of pink—from the Ready-to-Wear, Coco Beach and Coco Neige collections by Virginie Viard—to the Oscar-winning costume designer behind the outfits seen in the film, Jacqueline Duran.


Barbie’s Chanel wardrobe


“You’ll notice a lot of Chanel. Barbies like Chanel! I’ve got some great outfits in the film that I got to wear. The mentality with Barbie is that she has all the accessories—there’s always a hat or bow, earrings, and jewellery. The jewellery is big in the way it would be on a doll: big necklaces and earrings. Hats are never for protection from the sun; they’re just another accessory, along with bags and shoes and all of it! It was really fun,” says Robbie with joy and excitement in her June 2023 interview with the Maison.

Did you spot the scenes where these stars are donned in Chanel? We’ll give you a little spoiler—it’s three suits, a ski suit and a dress. Take a look at this clip to see if you’ve guessed it right!



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